This is what is happening for me and my family in July it’s currently June/July school holidays and my man John is up in Cairns looking after his 14 year old son it’s hard for my man when his son doesn’t bring his student ID with him so they can’t go to places at local discount prices when you also have to fork out $768 per month in child support and pay for my stepsons food and entertainment on top it’s also winter and even though it doesn’t get as cold there as here in Mackay it has had moments of quite cold weather and rain up there so that also makes it hard to do things the last thing my man wants is a sick child or send him home sick and miss even more days off school.

It’s also my beautiful Niece Dana’s 20th birthday on the 10th of July I hope she has a wonderful day.

As for me I’m looking after our fur babies and our house while John is away I am also going to be preparing for my upcoming home sleep test next month I got all the documents and info to read and fill out for that today I didn’t realise how much you have to do beforehand. I hope you all have a wonderful July 🙂


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Hello my fellow blogger friends I thought I would update you on how things are with me I went back to the doctors last week saw a new doctor as my doctor was away and once again I asked about my fatigued and told him I can only drive 20 mins then I’m buggered or if I do some household chores in the morning I have to rest in the afternoon as I’m buggered he asked me some questions as I have been asked these questions before several times I thought once again nothing would happen thank god I had John with me again as back up to confirm what I was going through I told him I’ve been like this for over a year now and want some answers and I then was shocked he gave me what I’ve been after for this whole last year a sleep study test referral now I’m just waiting for them to ring me back for a appointment to get rigged up to a machine to take home for a night and hopefully I will get some answers on my fatigue and sleep issues for the first time in a long time I felt like I had been heard when I left the doctors office I started crying I just couldn’t believe it. I’m now on two different meds for my Thyroid during the week I’m good because I’m on 85mgs and then it’s a struggle come the weekend I’m only on 10 in the morning and 10 in the arvos as my thyroid specialist doesn’t want me to overdose on them if you get too much you can go to hyper instead of hypo and cause more problems for yourself. Thank You all for your love and support oxox.


It’s always a busy month for me and my family as there are a lot of birthdays for my family and friends to celebrate in June. On Wednesday this week it’s my 39th birthday (it’s also my cousins birthday on my birthday) then the following Wednesday it’s my Ma’s big 70th birthday she is currently over enjoying England and Wales visiting their grandchildren over there the day after Ma’s birthday it’s one of my dearest friends birthdays I also have another 4 friends born in June. Happy Birthday everyone I hope you all have a wonderful day oxox 🙂

It’s also winter here in Australia in June and once again I’m feeling it at least now I know why I have always hated the cold weather it’s currently 18 degrees here in Mackay I know that’s not very cold to a lot of people but when you have Hypothyroidism autoimmune thyroiditis being cold sucks and you feel it really badly and this year I’m determined not to get sick so I’m making sure I’m constantly rugged up.

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I’m The One

This is the second song to knock Ed Sheeran off the No 1 position on the Aria charts it covers inclusion amongst Singers and Rappers and Dj’s lots of scantily clad women and expensive alcohol and of course gold out of all that I love the white horse in the video which reminds me of when I was little riding my cousins beautiful white horse 🙂

I’m the one that always gets invited to baby showers and birthdays if I had a first child this baby walker would be truly awesome but unfortunately this won’t be the case I am grateful though that I got to spoil my stepson from the age of six months I remember we bought him a red car for him to ride on just like what his daddy had at the time before we had to sell the red commodore due to having to pay child support.


Did you know you can look up where all the gold in Australia is on Google maps my man’s dream is to find some gold one day and I hope he does find some to prove to people he can find gold because if anyone can he is the one to find some.

May :)

This is what is happening for me and my family in May. Tomorrow is my Nephews birthday So Happy Birthday Ty I hope you have a Awesomely Cool day 🙂 Sunday the 14th of May is Mothers Day so I will be calling both my Ma and my Mother in law I have been entering a few Mothers Day Comps so my fingers and toes are crossed to win one of those. On the 30th of May is my Stepsons 14th Birthday I can’t believe that where has the time gone that means I have known him for 13 and a half years wow.

My Health Update : A few weeks ago I went to see my Endocrinologist up in Cairns for the weekend to get my latest blood test results and ultrasound results etc. My blood test results came back in the normal range however I did ask her why am I still fatigued and she said we will investigate that and she has given me a second thyroid medication to take as a booster if that fails I will be seeking to get a sleep test done. So now I have to take my 75 mcg tablets for 5 days just one tablet a day half hour before food and my new second tablets 7 days a week but I have to halve them so I take 10 mcg in the morning and 10 mcg in the evening on a empty stomach I have to order both medications in specially from the chemist as they don’t last in stock they go off apparently. I’m so glad John came with me to see my specialist so he can help me keep me on track with my medications. The ultrasound wasn’t clear I may have a cyst in one of my tubes on my left overy but the scan couldn’t see it properly so I have to get another ultrasound done (yuck) to see if they can see it this time more clearly but my thyroid specialist wasn’t worried about that I also have to get another blood test in the next few months but there is no rush to do the ultrasound or the blood test and I have to update my specialist how I’m going in a couple of weeks via email or I may be able to Skype her now I have the internet back on.  I am feeling slightly better then when I initially went to Cairns at the beginning of the year I’ve just got to get my energy levels back I hope 🙂


Sign Of The Times

Well done Harry Styles you knocked Ed Sheeran off his No 1 position on the aria charts that he held for 13 weeks. I know everyone is saying that this song sounds like the Beatles and I would have to agree it does to me this song also sounds like Oasis and David Bowie.

It’s been a interesting few weeks since we lost our internet and home phone connection due to the NBN (the national broadband network) or as I’m currently calling it the not bothered network as they are not bothered to fix there faults when connecting a new housing estate my man has spent around 20 personal hours ringing our old existing service provider(who we were with for 10 years), our new service provider(which we were supposed to be connected to the NBN with), the NBN Co(to try and find out when we will be connected to the NBN) and then he went to two stores of another telecommunications company both in Mackay and Cairns to find out what happened to our existing connection then to find out what was happening to our new nbn connection and then to now get a new copper line connected just so we can have adsl and a home phone so we can get the NBN when it eventually comes.

A few weeks after we lost our internet we found out that our region will be visited by Cyclone Debbie we had three days to prepare for her which when you have been through the likes of Winifred, Larry and Yasi just to name a few you know what to do to prepare and sort of what to expect having said that Cyclone Debbie was different to the others as she came during the day time so we could see the wind blowing the trees and the rain horizontal on to the windows of our house she also was a very slow moving cyclone she went for three days straight (usually they come at night time and come in very fast) so we were very tired because you couldn’t sleep from the sound of the wind and the rain pounding against the windows and just when you thought she was done she left a huge thunder storm with the loudest thunder I have ever heard along with lightning that lasted all the last night it was mad we also lost power for 4 days and mobile phone service as well which I was glad we had our mobile phone through a different service provider so we could communicate before and after the cyclone with our loved ones because we lost the service due to the cyclone otherwise we wouldn’t of had that from being cut off by the NBN.

This is a track map of Cyclone Debbie we were in Mackay when it hit weather is always worst south of the cyclone system.Image result for cyclone debbie 2017

This video is of my home town Mackay.

This is our marina in Mackay during cyclone Debbie

I’m up in Cairns today as I’m going to see my Endocrinologist this afternoon to find out what my latest blood test reveals and to see what I can do for my fatigue (when I was 18 I used to swim 50 laps in my pool everyday now at 38 I don’t even know if I could even sit in a pool without feeling tired sign of the times lol) we drove up yesterday as we were not going to pay $315 each both ways via our domestic airline service just for a weekend although it’s a very long drive 9.5 hours roughly if we hadn’t driven I wouldn’t of seen seven rainbows along the way one was a double one which were just beautiful to see and I’m hoping they bring me some luck this weekend nothing beats the real thing when it comes to rainbows but you can now buy rainbow projectors I would of loved this when I was little how cool 🙂

This school is just down the road from our house in Mackay what a sweet photo and love the rainbow.

My Health Update

My Health Update: Thanks to my Stepdad for going to our doctor and requesting a referral for me to see a Endocrinologist(Thyroid Specialist) which I saw her yesterday and she was amazing/awesome/lovely/gentle/funny and human lol she asked me all the right questions and said I have Autoimmune Hypo Thyroiditis which is a chronic disease in which the body interprets the thyroid glands and its hormone products T3, T4 and TSH as threats, therefore producing special antibodies that target the thyroid’s cells, thereby destroying it.
It may present with hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism and with or without a goiter. Thank God I don’t have a goiter as she checked my neck and she made me swallow to check she was very thorough with me she checked my pulse which was good my blood pressure which was good my weight which wasn’t that good I’ve put on a couple of kilos even though I have cut out wheat and dairy from my eating plan but because of my fatigue I’m having trouble exercising she even checked my height. This morning I went and got yet another blood test as requested by my Endo this time I got a reverse T3 a complete blood test which includes vitamin D test as well. I’m going for a ultra sound on my pelvis on Thursday and I’m getting new different Thyroid medication which is being upped from 50mgs to 75mgs and this medication doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge whoo hoo because it has no lactose in it which could be why the ones I’ve been on aren’t making feel better as I’m allergic to dairy. Oh she also said that my sores on all over my skin everywhere on my body are just itchy bites because I’m a allergic person and then she showed me hers and they looked exactly the same lol. So I finally have some concrete answers and hopefully I’m on the long road to helpful treatment. Eating plan update: I’m doing well with my new no wheat and no dairy eating plan my stepdad bought me yesterday no wheat no gluten no nut Cocoa Puffs which I had this morning with almond milk and I also had a coffee with rice milk once you work out what works with what it’s not too bad.

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Image result for thyroid pictures nice

Image result for thyroid pictures nice

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Image result for thyroid pictures nice

Image result for thyroid pictures nice

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Image result for thyroid pictures nice

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Image result for thyroid pictures nice

Image result for thyroid pictures nice

Image result for thyroid pictures nice

Image result for thyroid pictures nice

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Happy Valentine’s Day

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To all my fellow bloggers out there I hope you all have a fantastic valentine’s day today with your loved ones and if your single I hope you can go out and at least try to find love if you love yourself then someone out there will love you too. I know valentine’s day is a commercialised day so that people spend money on their loved ones everyday should be valentine’s day tell the people in your life everyday that you love them because you never know what’s around the corner cherish everyday as if it’s your last.

This is the message I sent to my man John via text this morning as he is home in Mackay and I’m at my Ma and Pa’s in Cairns still seeking help and trying to find answers for my health here is the text message: Good morning my love happy valentine’s day Roses are red violets are blue I love and miss the shape of you followed by kiss emoji’s heart emoji’s sad faces emoji’s roses emoji’s a spanner emoji and a heart and diamond emoji.

My Health Update: Over the last few weeks I have seen doctor, Psychologist, Naturopath 1, Chiropractor, Naturopath 2 which was today I got a food allergy test done I am definitely allergic to Cow’s milk but am staying off wheat as recommended by my new naturo I also will be getting a heavy metal toxicity test done to rule out any other toxins in my body and I will get further tests done by my new naturo and get a plan so I can go home to my man and my cats which I am missing very much. Today I went back to my Chiro who was pleased with my progress she did some more work on me and gave me a new relaxation exercise to do everyday for 5 to 10mins.

Here is one to dance to and just because I love OutKast.

This one is making me miss my cats my fur babies 😦



Shape Of You

He is Back Harry Styles kicked Ed Sheeran off his No 1 post for just one week and now Ed Sheeran has the No 1 pole position on the Aria Charts yet again (I know some of you wouldn’t be happy with that and are over Ed’s rein in the charts lol.) I love this video clip especially right at the end when Ed is rolling around in the Sumo suit trying to get back up it’s hilarious and reminded me of when I used to work at the PCYC in Cairns my first boss there hand made Sumo suits and every school holidays she would bring them out and us staff and children would have a go in the Sumo suits and play fight against each other and believe me when you do fall on your back it’s so hard to get back up so I can say I know how Ed felt lol.

This is the first new No 1 of 2017 here in Australia Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran. This song is making me home sick for my man now that I’m staying at my ma’s in Cairns to hopefully get treatment and answers for my illness.(which I did and now I’m home back in Mackay with my Man and Cats lol.)

I cried as we left the airport as I waved and blew kisses to my man it was like a scene in a movie as the man keeps turning around as he walks away. I cried this morning as I realised he isn’t here beside me.(after six weeks I was very happy to be home with my man and my cats)

Change of subject other shapes of things I like is shoes it amazes me how shoe manufacturers make comfortable durable shoes and at the same time make them stylish. What Shape of things do you like 🙂

I also like the shape of Subway Banners lol as I love eating Subway sandwiches not that I get to very often as I’m trying to watch what I eat as it’s hard to exercise when your fatigued but when I do get to go to Subway I always get Italian Herbs and Cheese Toasted with Ham or Chicken with Mozzarella, Cucumber’s, Lettuce, Tomato’s and Beetroot’s topped with Honey Mustard or Mayonnaise. What I like about Subway is that if you are strapped for cash you can get toasties for 2 bucks and people say they can’t afford to eat that’s Bull I say they just have to get there priorities right instead of buying technology stuff or smokes or alcohol and gambling etc buy food it’s not that hard really.




This has got me so Ropeable this morning I was screaming and yelling at the tv whilst watching Sunrise at both this crusty old Senator who if he had to work in a childcare centre probably wouldn’t even last one day with what us Childcare Educators have to do each and every day to earn when I started $14.50 per hour 50 cents more for diploma qualified staff at the time (I was 18 years old then and qualified with a cert 3 and training to do my diploma as well as working 40 hours a week I was working either the early shift or the late shift we would rotate shifts every 3 months to make things fair on all staff) and now 20 years later if your casual like I was you would be getting $23 but because your deemed casual your lucky to get more than 5 hours a day if you even get 5 hours a day some weeks you got nothing because you were deemed to expensive and just because the childcare fees go up doesn’t mean it gets passed onto the hard working childcare worker it goes on administration fees instead and Pauline Hanson who before this I was starting to admire her for her efforts with fathers fighting for custody of their children in family courts and she is very wrong about mothers not needing certificates to be a parent I think some mothers do need to be taught how to be a parent especially the ones who can’t get off their backside and get their child to school or cook them a healthy meal or cloth them etc.

Here is just what we do each and every day as a Childcare Educator and I feel we need to be more respected and valued in this country as we are contributing to nurture and educate our future society which I feel is a very important job wouldn’t you agree.


What are your Duties / Responsibilities as a Childcare Worker?

As a childcare worker you have an endless amount of responsibilities. Below is an outline of the most common responsibilities you will have while working in child care:

  • Work with staff members to ensure the smooth operation of the day to day running of the centre in accordance to your centre’s policies and procedures (which you must be familiar with).
  • Contribute to and assist in the development and/or evaluation of the programme (it doesn’t matter what qualification you have, it’s important for all staff to share their thoughts and ideas on the programme).
  • Assist staff in the daily routine of appropriate early childhood education and experiences.
  • Supervise and engage in the activities of a group of children during the day that you are responsible for.
  • Positively interact with all children, nurturing their confidence and self esteem giving each child individual attention and comfort throughout the day.
  • Assist in planning for the ongoing development of each individual child (this also includes maintaining up to date observations and portfolios for the child).
  • Assist in the recording of children’s development (depending on your centre’s policies, this can include developmental checklists).
  • Assist in implementing a consistent daily routine for the children (the routine does provide structure and guidance for the children during the day).
  • Participate in supervising indoor/outdoor environments to provide safety for the children at all times.
  • Ensure a clean and healthy environment for all children (this requires you to do everyday cleaning as part of your duties).
  • Communicate with parents as delegated by the room supervisor or Director (talk to the parents about what their child has done throughout the day).
  • Perform incidental administrative duties (filling out accident/incident reports when necessary).
  • Attend to incidental cleaning and housekeeping associated with the individual and group activities, experiences and routines (this almost seems as what you spend most of the day doing, although it is a big part of occupational, health and safety).
  • As requested attend parent/staff meetings (staff meetings are held once a month at your childcare centre, usually after work hours. Parent meetings are held twice a year, depending on your centre).
  • As required carry out other duties that are within the knowledge, skills and capabilities of you as the worker.

Now I would like to invite any politician out there to come and try doing our job fully in all it’s capacity for $21.22 per hour full time we will see then who is a harder worker shall we.

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