This is the new No 1 song here in Australia Youngblood by Australia’s own 5 Seconds Of Summer or 5SOS to their fans.

This Weekend we are going to be celebrating my stepsons 15th Birthday and my 40th Birthday and I think I may have to get some of this to cover my pimples so I could have a flawless finish:

Youngblood Hi-Definition Mineral Perfecting Powder

Youngblood Hi-Definition Mineral Perfecting Powder.




This Is America

This is the new No 1 song here in Australia This Is America by Childish Gambino he knocks Drake off from the top spot. I love the beat at the end it is giving me some   Sarafina vibes

I’ve always wanted to go to America on holiday especially to NYC if I ever get to go I would take something like this with me:

American Tourister HS MV+ Deluxe Large 79cm Expandable Hardside Suitcase Black Checks 88210

but the issue I have is I have to pay off my American Express card first before I can go afield 😦

Postcard Cookie Competition: Nice :)

My wonderful man just got home from work once again he checked the mailbox on his way in and this time my Postcard Cookies were there they are the perfect yummy cookie surprise and I love them.

On the front of the box I put a photo that John took when he was up in Cairns last here is the photo:


On the back I put Happy 40th Bday

and inside were the cookies:

Image result for postcard cookies

These were the ones I chose two cookies each 🙂

Image result for postcard cookies

These are the steps to get your cookies:

Upload a photo or choose a fun design for the front of your gift box. (they crop it to size of a postcard how wonderful).

Write a special message to get printed on the back of your gift box.

Choose the cookie flavours to get put inside your gift box.

These are the flavours you can choose from:

1x Original Chocolate Chunk Cookie

1x Original Chocolate Chunk Cookie

4x Original Chocolate Chunk Fun Size Cookies

4x Original Chocolate Chunk Fun Size Cookies

4x Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Fun Size Cookies

4x Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Fun Size Cookies.

I must of known they were going to arrive today as this morning when I was going through my emails I was also listening to Spotify at the same time. I had the songs playing on random as I most of the time do and this song came on lol:



Post Malone is back on top of the Aria Charts this week with Psycho I love this video clip especially the werewolf at the end it’s pretty scary which I love scary things so I now am going to show you my fave werewolf movies and tv shows:

Jacob is my second fave werewolf.


My top fave werewolf is:

You can’t go past one of the most scary movies with Psycho as the title:


Alfred Hitchcock directs this Oscar-nominated thriller starring Janet Leigh and Anthony Perkins. Marion Crane (Leigh) goes on the run after stealing $40,000 from one of her employer’s clients. Taking a wrong turn in a storm, she arrives at the isolated Bates Motel, run by the twitchy Norman (Perkins), who is constantly at the beck and call of his unseen mother. When Marion takes a shower in her room, a sudden knife attack brings her life to an end. Upon discovering her body Norman covers up the murder, but it is not long before Marion’s sister and boyfriend are attempting to track her down. Leigh’s performance won her a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress.

The score Alfred Hitchcock had to settle now went beyond H. G. Clouzot and Les Diaboliques.

There is only one person which I think is psycho and I’m now wondering does it run in the family



No Tears Left To Cry

This is the new No 1 on the Aria charts this week No Tears Left To Cry by Ariana Grande she kicks Drake off of his long rein with his two songs. I love this song and I would have No Tears Left To Cry if I had her silver jacket she wears at the end of this video.

You can also listen to it on Spotify:

I also would have No Tears Left To Cry if I had this ebook to read:

Bree and Samson discover a crying infant in the snowy Rock Harbor forest. But where are the baby’s parents? And how did she get there? A mysterious sound leads search-and-rescue worker Bree Matthews and her dog Samson to an abandoned baby in the woods outside Rock Harbor, Michigan. Bree takes the baby girl in and begins to search for the mother—presumably the woman reported missing just days earlier.While teams scour the wintery forests, Bree ferrets out clues about the woman. Where is she and why did she leave the child behind? And how does that connect to Bree’s first husband’s mysterious death years ago in the Upper Peninsula? Everything Bree thought she knew about her life changes with the sound of a cry in the night.“ Coble is a great writer . . . She knows what readers want and she does not disappoint.” —Romantic Times


There also would be No Tears Left To Cry if I had this game:



Nice For What

This is the new No 1 song on the Aria charts and it’s a new song but not a new artist Drake has beat himself to the pole position after having god’s plan on top for the last 13 weeks now with Nice For What. I love this music video Drake surrounds himself with queens in a moment that will go down in rap history.

One my fave US actresses that Drake showcases in this video has to be by far is Michelle Rodriguez I love her movies and tv shows these are my fave movies and tv shows she has been in:


I know Michelle Rodriguez is only in a couple of these movies in this franchise below but I just theses movies.



You know what else is nice for what this laptop if ever my Dell laptop dies I think I will be replacing it with this one:

DELL INSPIRON 15 3000 15.6 LAPTOP A6 [ A510430AU ]

15.6 HD Truelife LED-128GB SSD Storage 8GB RAM



Great For
The world’s smallest 15-inch laptop packs powerhouse performance and a stunning InfinityEdge display with an optional touch screen.

Key Features

15.6 HD Truelife LED-Backlit Display (1366 x 768)

AMD A6 9200 Dual Core Processor (2GHz-2.8GHz 1MB)

128GB SSD Storage


Integrated graphics with AMD APU

SD Card Reader


802.11ac Wi-Fi + Bluetooth v4.2

1 x HDMI Input

1 x USB 2.0 Ports

2 x USB 3.0 Ports

Windows 10 Home

1 Year In Home Warranty Next Business Day.





Today I’m dedicating my blog post to Cowboys I will cover all my favourite media that has cowboys in it.

I guess I will start with Music the first song that comes to my mind is this one:

Because I wanna be a Cowboy baby was the first thing that popped into my head when thinking about cowboys lol.

When it comes to Tv shows Westworld for me has the best representation of cowboys and cowgirls too:

My fave cowboy in this show has to be poor Teddy played by James Marsden:

Image result for cowboy westworld

followed by Hector Escaton played by Rodrigo Santoro:

Image result for cowboy Hector Escaton westworld

Now onto Video Games:

You can’t go past Red Dead Redemption to get your fix on all things Cowboy I loved this game and I can’t wait for the second installation of this game:

I guess you could say it was God’s Plan to have cowboys in our lives 🙂



Image result for music imagesAs you are all aware by now I love Music especially what’s topping the charts here in Australia. I pretty much love all genres of music with the exception of classical music only because it has no lyrics in it I can listen to it but I get bored after a while because I don’t know what the music is about I can’t relate to it like I can with music with lyrics.

I don’t know what I would do without Music or John for that matter especially over the last two years with all my medical stuff going on and still on going. Music takes me away from all the stress and worry that being sick brings it makes me feel happy, sad, it makes me want to get up and dance even though I struggle to with my fatigue to do so I still try too even if it’s for two songs and it makes me remember people and things from my past which is sometimes happy memories and sometimes sad ones. I just love Music and I am so grateful to have Music in my life.

“God’s Plan” has held the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart for the past three weeks.

My God’s plan Health Update:

Ok so last week I went to my GP my down here to talk to my new Endocrinologist up in Cairns via telehealth/skype who I must say is amazing he asked me heaps of new questions that no other professional has asked me before he is thinking out side of the box and is thinking forward and this is what he is looking into and what he has recommended for me to do next.

He said I could be resistant to my thyroid medication which is why I’m still showing symptoms and why I’m still feeling unwell. Which is why they my thyroid levels show up as normal but they maybe not.

He also said I could have Anxiety and Stress because he found that I have high cortisol levels and low vitamin D levels in my sleep study that I did last year. So with this he is testing my cortisol levels with a 24 hour urine test and I am now on 2000IU’s of vitamin D which is two tablets a day for a month then one a day for the rest of my life after that so that now makes 5 different tablets in total I now take a day throughout the day everyday.

He said also I could have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so for this he is testing my adrenal glands so I also have to have a saliva test done.

He is also testing my testosterone levels with another blood test so over the next few weeks I have to get all these tests done and see what my new Endo can come up with.

God’s Plan

This is the first new No 1 on the Aria charts this year God’s plan by Drake I guess it was god’s plan for Drake to knock Ed Sheeran of the top spot lol. I love this video it reminds me of my clubbing days I love the little black dress and high heels the woman wears in this clip that’s the kind of clothes I used to wear when I would go out either clubbing or to the casino to play blackjack or the pokies. I miss those days soooo much I loved that feeling that you would get when you walk into a room and you could feel everyone staring at you it made me feel good and special.  For Drake it’s clearly working.


God's Plan Black T-ShirtSpeaking of clothes I found this online I love it this is how I feel when some people have children and are blessed to have two or more especially the ones who have both a girl and a boy (the ultimate child lotto)  and they don’t seem to care (they don’t give them any routines or guidelines or rules or morals or values) and they whinge about how hard it is to have them and they just take them for granted when there are so many people out there that would be so happy to have children but for whatever reason they can’t.

Weather Service: This is what’s ahead this week for us here in Mackay we had a big storm on Saturday night with much welcomed rain John was doing the happy dance as our rain tanks are now full our cats didn’t like it so much they were a bit scared poor things. So far it’s been a crazy summer dry one month and wet the next lol.

Feb 5
Feb 6
Feb 7
Feb 8
Feb 9
Feb 10
Feb 11
possible shower
Possible shower
clearing shower
Clearing shower
possible shower
Possible shower
mostly sunny
Mostly sunny
Maximum 30°C 31°C 31°C 31°C 32°C 33°C 35°C
Minimum 22°C 24°C 23°C 23°C 23°C 22°C 23°C
Chance of Rain 50% 60% 60% 60% 50% 20% 20%
Rain Amount 1-5mm 1-5mm 1-5mm 1-5mm < 1mm < 1mm < 1mm
UV Index Extreme Extreme Extreme Extreme Extreme
Frost Risk Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil
9am 3pm 9am 3pm 9am 3pm 9am 3pm 9am 3pm 9am 3pm 9am 3pm
Wind Speed 30
Relative Humidity 80% 77% 72% 66% 75% 68% 72% 69% 70% 63% 67% 60% 65% 59%

My God’s Plan Health Update:

So last week I went for another round of medical tests that my new second endocrinologist requested I think there was 13 different tests in my blood test and a urine test and a blood pressure test with me first lying down and then standing up which this time it was high when I was standing up which it’s weird because it used to be low lol thrown in for good measure I will find out my results in a week and a half’s time when I go to my gp down here and I get to have a tele-health session with my new endo who is up in Cairns because we have none here in Mackay at the same time so both my health professionals know what’s going on and so hopefully will John and I too.

Celebrate No 8

So last week around lunch time I got a phone call from a lovely lady from Hit VIP – Southern Cross Austereo which is one of our local radio stations and my fave one asking me if I had done a survey with them I confirmed that I had and she told me that I had won a:

Flexi eGift Card

It’s worth $50 bucks which will come in handy after having a teenage boy in the house for 6 weeks we will probably spend it on groceries for ourselves 🙂

I’ve actively decided to troll the competitions. Maybe I should call myself the competition procurer lol.