No: 6

I know I only posted about my new competition win arrival yesterday but as I was going through all my social media sites I found out I had won another prize yet again this time it was a runners up prize here is what I have won:

ADATA EX500 External Enclosure USB 3.1 gen 1 speed up to 5Gbps Red (AD-AEX500U3-CRD)

No more bland enclosures. Turn any 2.5” SSD or HDD into extra gaming storage with a design that pops out from the crowd. This is an enclosure for gamers, made fast, tough, and classy with tool-free install and instant plug n game

High speed cleans out lag

Dedicated controller maximizes USB 3.1/SATA 6Gb/s conversion efficiency

Fast SATA 6Gb/s and USB 3.1 in harmony

Install and load even the biggest games with no compromise: virtually identical to internal storage

Super easy tool-free install

Any 2.5” SSD/HDD takes literally minutes to install – no tools or screws needed

Secure lock and easy open

Flick the switch securely lock the EX500 and unlock it for quickly swapping drives

Detachable lock puts you in charge

Remove the lock mechanism and reinsert it as needed – you’re in control

Tool-free install steps

This prize is my 6th one won so far 🙂



Well it’s finally the Weekend and as I’m still fatigued I will not be doing too much but I still have a few choices and here they are:

My computer I can listen to music on Spotify whilst going through my emails and social media sites etc.

My gaming computer I can play games on my gaming computer.

Image result for xbox one images

My xbox one I can play games on my xbox one.

Image result for netflix images

I can watch tv shows and movies on my netflix account on my blu ray player.

So no matter what I choose to do this weekend it’s going to be a fairly laid back one it looks like the weather isn’t going to be very nice anyways so it’s just right for indoor activities.

Here are some songs to get you in the mood for the Weekend:


I hope you all have a wonderful Weekend no matter what you do 🙂





While my Ma and Pa (stepdad) are enjoying there wonderful Holiday over in England and Wales I thought I would do a Blog post on my fave Holiday memories and my fave Holiday song.

When I was 13 my bio Dad won the lottery and decided to take me and my Ma and my foster sister Shelley on a holiday to the Gold Coast so we packed our bags and went on our way down the coast from Cairns I made sure I took my Sony Walkman and my cassette tape of Madonna’s The Immaculate Collection with me:

This song just brings back so many memories for me and got me so excited for our Holiday I played the whole tape back to back the whole time we were in the car all 19 hours and 46 mins lol.

I remember staying at the Jupiters Casino:


I got in trouble for wearing odd socks in the restaurant which back then was all the rage and then me and Shelley got room service Cheese burgers and chips and Ice cream Sundays for dessert while Ma and Dad went to see a show in the casino I also remember going on the monorail which is now closed into the city we went to Grundy’s which is now closed as well.

Image result for gold coast monorail images

Image result for grundy's gold coast


We also went to the Theme parks:

Image result for dreamworld images

I have been to Dreamworld a few times and it was always my fave one to go to I loved the rides and got to cuddle a koala which pee’ed on me luckily they also have white water world so I could wash the pee off on the slides lol. It’s a shame the park has had bad trouble in recent history which makes me very sad.

Image result for movie world images

I loved Movie World too it was so much fun and I couldn’t believe I found my best friend Nicky (we had special nicknames she was Nickel and I was Bronze) there on one of the parks busiest days I remember going with her on this roller coaster ride over and over again and I loved the Gremlins ride and the Car stunt show and going behind the scenes on the movie lot.

So what are your favourite Holiday memories and songs to listen to along the way ?

Draw Your Weapons

Today is my Birthday my wonderful darling man got me Resident Evil 7 and Marshmallows to go with my Minions Hot Chocolate for my birthday 🙂 I have played all 6 Resident Evil games and this one so far is the scariest and I’m glad I got something to drink to warm me up as it’s quite cold atm.

Image result for resident evil 7 images

Image result for marshmallow images

Image result for minions hot chocolate

I also entered more competitions today you’ve got to be in the draw to win them the more you enter the better chances of winning them.

Well I’m off to draw my weapons in Resident evil 7 🙂

Brony oxox.

Update: It took me about 5 days to finish Resident Evil 7 I really enjoyed it I was hoping it would be my new fave of the franchise but one still remains my top fave and that is Resident Evil 2 I loved the zombies and lickers in it to me it was the best one of them all so far.



What Makes You Smile :)

What makes me smile is listening to music while entering competitions and sometimes I win them which really puts a smile on my dial 🙂

I entered a few more comps today and I thought I would do a recap of what I have won so far this past year:

Strain, The - Season 1

This was my first win and a bonus it was in blu-ray I love this tv show I started watching season 3 the other day.


This was my second win I loved everything I got John helped me eat the food lol and I learnt that just because a movie has the word children in it doesn’t mean children should watch it quite scary in parts for children this movie.

This was my third win I love this because it not only cooks rice but also veges in it and it even came with a spatula too.

10 Dad Quest Easter Mugs Up For Grabs!

This was my fourth win it also came with two Dad quest pins for John to wear I gave it to John as he has been on a Dad quest for 14 years which reminds me:

Happy Birthday to my stepson who is 14 today we hope you had a wonderful day and remember to keep smiling oxox 🙂

Honourable mention I would of won this Airism shirt from Uniqlo but unfortunately it had to be claimed from Brisbane and my brother was away at the time to claim it for me.

WOMEN AIRism Camisole

What makes you smile 🙂


I want to do a post on Gambling it’s been a part of my life since I was little as my father was and still is a mad gambler he started at the age of 18 playing poker with his mates and then progressed to lotto, horse racing and when the Cairns Casino came he played every game possible blackjack, keno, and the pokies he would always tell you when he won and how much he won but never would tell you when he lost and how much he had lost it was good when he won a jackpot as he would spend it on us buying us things and taking us on holidays his biggest Jackpot he won was $140,000 on keno (I was 26 at the time) which he spent on painting the outside of his house, a new stereo system, appliances for the kitchen and a Triumph motorcycle (I’d wished he’d done what I asked him to do and that was to pay his house off but he didn’t unfortunately he is still paying it off) he is still trying to win the big one but on a tighter budget now he is retired and on a pension whenever I hear the song the gambler I think of my dad.

How crazy is that the song came out the year I was born my father had me in training for gambling at the age of five playing blackjack we started playing with bottle caps and then as the years went on and I got very good at the game we would play with 5 cent coins and then fake casino chips that he had collected over the years. When I turned 18 they built a Casino in my home town so that’s where I went for my 18th birthday I also had a birthday party with friends and family as well but I couldn’t wait to use my blackjack skills for real and I loved it I was hooked immediately I will say I have always been good at saving money and I did the same here I would only take my limit with me which was $50 and if I lost it then I would go home and if I won anything over $100 in a jackpot I would take it out and go home.

The most I ever won on blackjack was two lots of $500 in two weeks on the 7 system which was my fave to play as 7 is my lucky number the most I won on the pokies was $250 on the dolphin treasure machine I got all the treasure chests in a row triggering the free spins. The other thing I loved about going to the casino was spending time with my dad we would play and then have dinner afterwards it was a passion we both had and a way to communicate with each other.

When I met my man John when I was 26 things quickly changed with my gambling habit as he didn’t like gambling I did continue for a little while as my mother was now into playing the pokies as well but I eventually realized what gambling had done to my father and the family and how much of a hold it had on him and his life and what really could be lost and that is relationships (which is ultimately what happened over time) which to me is way more important than money (I would rather pay off a house than try and win a jackpot that may never happen).

I still do play but only for fun not for real money (the only way I would play for real again would be if I was in Las Vegas) My fave site to play on is

I only play the demo versions for free and I only play every now and then for fun and my man doesn’t mind that as it only uses internet data and not real money I also sometimes play pokies, blackjack and poker online mostly on Facebook.

Image result for blackjack pictures

Image result for dolphin treasure slot machine images

That’s where I will leave it as I’m off to play for fun and remember please gamble responsively it’s not worth losing the people and things you love the most in your life oxox.


Good Morning :)

It’s always a good morning when you go through your emails to find you have won another prize this time it’s a Awesomely Cool Dad Quest Mug:

10 Dad Quest Easter Mugs Up For Grabs!

Dad Quest is a video game here is the trailer for the game:

I love that this game is promoting Dad’s and how important they are in their children’s lives 🙂

The Mug came today with two Dad Quest pins as well bonus whoo hoo 🙂

Kids Mega Mart

I went to my friends house yesterday for a visit I had to take back her book and dvds she lent to me about exercise and nutrition to help me with my current health problems.

I spent the whole afternoon there we chatted about our fun times back in the day (when we used to go out clubbing, dancing and drinking which is cool because I looked after her son in daycare who is now 19 and we just got on like a house on fire and we have remained friends ever since even though we don’t see each other as much as we have liked to) and how cheeky we used to be then we started talking about what’s going on in our lives currently she started telling me how her online business is going and how she got it started and how it’s now progressing nicely she took me for a tour of her workshop it was so organised and well planned I was in awe of her and what she has achieved over the years as she is what I call a fantastic single mother one who has always worked hard and provided everything for her son and for herself she is so inspiring to me she is truly amazing and a real winner in my eyes.

I asked her if she would let me promote her website on my blog and she said sure no problem I wanted to do anything I could to help her as she has always been there for me when I’m in need so without further adieu here is her site and I’m sorry to say it’s only for Australian residents only but I wanted to showcase just what can be done if you put your mind to it and that you don’t have to do what others in society do by playing the victim card and succumb to the typical stereotypes given by your circumstances (which she confided in me she could have very easily done but she wanted more for her son and for herself and that’s very commendable). To all the fantastic single mothers out there doing everything possible for your children and for yourselves this post is for you, you deserve all the happiness and success in the world for all you have done 🙂


A Very Witcher 3 Christmas :)

Merry Xmas my fellow Bloggers, I thought I would update you all on how my Christmas day so far has been I woke up at 10 to 6 this morning I couldn’t sleep anymore even though I felt like I only had 10 mins of sleep the whole night (even though I went to bed around 9 pm last night) I lied on the couch listening to Spotify which has been my bed for two weeks as we have had my stepson down here for the holidays and he has a single bed in his room and a computer which is his fathers which I was using both before he came down.

I took my Thyroid tablet this morning at 7 am I didn’t want to miss taking it like I did on Thursday when I woke up with a headache and took headache tablets instead and forgot my Thyroid ones causing me to feel a whole lot worse which means the tablets are working in some way at least.

My man woke up a bit after 7 am so I opened my pressie from my mum that I bought back with me from Cairns when we were up there visiting them and collecting my stepson for the school holidays. When I opened the beautifully wrappped pressie I had mixed emotions she gave me a beautiful new hand bag Look what I found on #zulily! Tulips & Tweets Regina Crossbody Bag…: (which is made of recycled plastic bottles which is very cool) I was very happy because it is beautiful but at the same time I was sad because I can’t take it shopping and show it off at our local shopping centre as I am too fatigued to do so ( I had a cry which I needed and felt better after that) I rang my mum and stepdad and thanked them very much for the Chrissy Pressie. We also got two beautiful Christmas cards with red gem stones on the front and pop out pressies which we both thought was cool with scratch tickets from my mans parents I won $7 dollars and my man won $4 dollars so $11 bucks is better than nothing hey it’s the thought that counts right.

Then my man showed me what he had bought me which was the game of the year The Witcher 3 on PC I played The Witcher 2 last year on the xbox 360 and I loved it so I’m very happy to have received the next instalment of this game franchise.

My man opened his Xmas pressie from my mum which was Beer lol so he was happy to have something to de-stress himself later on in the day. My man hasn’t decided what he wants from me yet and as I can’t go shopping he said he will go to the boxing day sales tomorrow and have a look otherwise he will look online and buy something lol.

Image result for hahn premium light 

My stepson opened our Chrissy pressie from us which he was wanting and needing because his other keyboard and mouse was broken apparently he was very happy and called it a “sic” pressie lol.

We had some relaxation time after opening all our pressie’s I got a few phone calls from my Dad and my three brothers and my best friend who made me laugh (as always and I love her for that) which was much needed to cheer me up 🙂

My Darling man made a wonderful Aussie BBQ Lunch (char-grilled tomato, grilled onions, mushroom, two snags(sausages) a rash of bacon with garlic aioli sauce) and for Dessert a chocolate bomb with Brandy custard)it was very yummy but very rich. After feeling full and in our food coma’s us adults went for a rest/sleep and my stepson went back on the xbox one and was reasonably quiet for once.

Question: Do you think it’s unreasonable to ask a 13 and a half year old to be quiet whilst playing a video game console as you aren’t feeling well and need a few hours rest?

I woke up at 1 am Tuesday night and couldn’t go back to sleep until 3 am then woke up at 6 am feeling very tired and run down as usual these days when my stepson woke up at 10 am and woke me in the process Wednesday morning I asked him to be quiet whilst playing as I was feeling unwell and didn’t sleep well I told him if he couldn’t be quiet he would have to be kicked off the xbox one and he would have to go to his room and play on the computer which has his own hard drive in it with his own games to play he said yes he would be quiet and after giving him 3 warnings for being extremely loud ( I could hear him through two doors, two walls and over my loud Spotify which I was trying to drown him out with so I could rest/sleep which I was in badly need of because of my fatigue and health issues at current) throughout the morning/afternoon. It wasn’t just his loudness that was getting to me it was the way he was speaking to his “friends” on the xbox one he would call them very disgusting names: Idiots, Dogs, Retards, F’ers, Dix(but meaning boys genitalia) and the worst one Dumb C’s it’s most upsetting to see someone you love behaving like this and it’s hard when you are kept in the dark on what is going on in his life by his custodial guardian i.e his mother.

I went to him and said that’s it I have given you 3 warnings as I informed you I would if you kept up the loudness so now you have to go to your room and play on the computer please he said NO and so I grabbed the remote for the TV and turned the tele off and then I grabbed the remote control for the xbox (which shocked him as I have never done anything like this ever before and I don’t think anyone else has to him eithermaybe don’t know because his mother never tells us anything or never talks to us she relays things she wants us to know via her son my stepson) he said I’m ringing my mother I said go ahead I’m ringing your father and so I did luckily his father was half way home it wasn’t till his father got home that he cried because he knew he was in trouble but that didn’t stop him from being loud that afternoon. So I got no sleep and was in bed at 6pm that night.

The next morning (Thursday) I woke up with the headache which I was taking about earlier and my stepson came to me asking me to put the password in the xbox (we had to password it because he has purchased games without asking us in the past so now it’s passworded which my stepson doesn’t like it being) I said NO because I have a headache and I need a rest for it to go away he slammed the door and called me a F’ing something (I couldn’t hear it as he walked away thank god) he came back and asked me again I said no again and he said but I’m bored I said you have a computer to use, netflix or I could get you a book to read if you want he said all that is boring I said go and play on the computer so I can get rid of this headache I will come to you when I feel a little better ok off he went and I went to sleep for a hour and a half and I went to him I ask him to have a chat with me which he did then he didn’t want to listen to me and stormed off then 10 mins later asked me to come and watch him play on the computer I said let me go for a shower as I haven’t got out of my PJ’s and I reek so I did that and we had a good afternoon and he was quiet on the Xbox the rest of the day.

Friday morning he came to me with his usual “can you put the password in please” (at least he knows the word please I will give him that one) I said before I do anything I want to tell you how my night was and how my morning was I told him that once again I was awake at 1.3o am and had trouble going back to sleep and that I also had been to the toilet twice with constipation and then again with diarrhea so here is a question for you “how do you think you should behave today” he said good I said please and what happens if your not good what’s the consequences he said I will get kicked off the xbox I said yes and if I ask you to do that will you he said yes I said please and then I said I hope we both can have a good day today and it goes well fingers crossed off we both went and he was a complete Angel all day I praised him every so often throughout the day and told him I love him I went out to check on him again at 4pm and to my surprise he hopped off the xbox and was on the computer at his own accord I told his father about how wonderful he had been and they went down to the shops to get us a pizza as reward for his good behaviour.


Morning to all my blogging friends out there this is our new Aria No 1 here in Australia. I have always been a fan of Katy Perry’s since the beginning. I love this new song of hers it’s got that inspirational feel to it for the 2016 olympics.

Watching this video makes me want to get back into riding bikes not only for fun but for exercise and it might be something for the whole family to do especially when we have stepson for school holidays to get him off the couch and xbox lol.

I’m so glad I have a computer to research on things I’m interested in and be inspired by others all around this wonderful world of ours 🙂