June 2018

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This is what June this year has brought us so far. I turned the big 40, my Ma turned 71 and a few of my friends have had birthdays too and a few are still to have theirs in a few days. So Happy Birthday to everyone who has their Birthday in June oxox.

As for John it’s been a big busy start to the month as he has had to conduct and present a few presentations on Safe Towing and from the big smile on his face the other day when he came home from delivering the presentation to the managers higher up from across the state and what he was telling me about it all it went very well. I’m soooo  very proud of him for what he has achieved over the years and I am hopeful bigger and better things are coming for him and for us from all his hard work who knows where we will end up hey. I just want him to be happy 🙂

As for me I just have to get another blood test done to check my Thyroid levels again and who knows what else this month as in store ?

All in all I’m very grateful to still be alive here on this earth 🙂


Zero-X Titan


Look what just arrived in time for my Birthday. Here are all it’s features:

ZERO-X TITAN DRONE, Light as a feather, stable as a rock

The Titan’s on board 720p camera captures the world below in crystal clear high-definition at a steady 30 frames per second. The Titan Drone features Altitude Hold Mode, Directional Lock and One Touch Takeoff and Landing, making flying effortless. Use the Zero-X Titan app’s WiFi FPV live video stream with your chosen VR headset to see the world from the Titan’s point of view.


720p Resolution 
Capture crystal clear high definition video with the push of a button.
120 Metre Range
Fly for 120 metres in any direction with unbroken recording capabilities.
6 Axis Gyroscope 
Steady and responsive onboard gyroscopic stabilisation system.
See the world from Titan’s perspective via the built in WiFi camera.
Directional Lock
Intuitive control from the pilot’s perspective and orientaion.
One Button Takeoff 
Allows effortless one-touch takeoff and landing.
Smart Remote 
Issues a warning when approaching maximum range.
1000 mAh Battery 
Allows up to 15 minutes of recording on a single charge.

Thank You  Cummins Filtration Australia and Fleetguard for this awesome prize 🙂

Return Of The Mac

Yeah so today I am 40 (naughty forty as John says lol) I thought I would go through all the lovely pressies I have received.

First from my lovely man John he got me a pair of Women’s Home Super Soft Bonds Socks which I am testing out today in this cool weather and so far my feet are nice and warm and they have that non slip stuff on them so I don’t slip on my tiles which is a bonus. He also bought me two video games:

I love the song in this trailer Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes and that the dlc (downloadable content) for this game is now free so I can get the extras for nothing sweet.

Just Dance 2017 Xbox 360 Kinect ✓ NEW ✓ Actual Aussie Game ✓ Dancing Music Fun!

I love these games I’m just not sure now how I will go with my fatigue I would be very happy if I can dance to maybe 3 songs before I get too tired we shall see hey. There is one song missing from this game and that is:

I love this song and I think it would be a great addition to the Just Dance games.

I also got some lovely Birthday Cards from my Ma and my Stepdad Pa with $60 money inside and from my Mother and Father in law also with $50 money inside and from my Sister in law and my Brother Dave and my two Nieces with a gift card inside for a De-Stress Aromatherapy Cocoon Wrap. My Ma also gave me a lovely shirt and a Hair Academy Hair Detangler Brush which with my long curly hair works like magic.

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I’m not sure what to spend my money on just yet I will have a think about that.

I just had a lovely phone call from my Aunty Lori it was sooo lovely to hear from her and I’m glad she is catching up with my Ma today.

Because it’s my Birthday I’m going to be naughty and have one of my fave foods for lunch which I don’t have very often and that is:

Macaroni Cheese

I also have been receiving lots of lovely Birthday messages from my friends and family on Facebook so Thank You all very much for those too oxox.


Win a Drone competition.

So I was just going through my emails as I’ve been a bit busy and it’s also been a bit cold due to winter I hadn’t been on in a few days and I came across this email:

Hi Bronwyn,

Congratulations you are the winner of our Win a Drone competition.

This is what I have won:

not the car I wish but the drone:

Win a Drone

Thank You  Cummins Filtration Australia and Fleetguard for this awesome prize 🙂


This is the new No 1 song here in Australia Youngblood by Australia’s own 5 Seconds Of Summer or 5SOS to their fans.

This Weekend we are going to be celebrating my stepsons 15th Birthday and my 40th Birthday and I think I may have to get some of this to cover my pimples so I could have a flawless finish:

Youngblood Hi-Definition Mineral Perfecting Powder

Youngblood Hi-Definition Mineral Perfecting Powder.



May The Fourth Be With You

I was just making my lunch when I got a knock at my door it was the delivery man with another parcel for me I had won another prize. This is the prize and competition I had won:

Enter this competition and your training will be complete. Only then will you know true power and are ready to rule the galaxy!

The Realm is so excited to celebrate May the Fourth we’re locking S-foils in celebration position. What does that mean for you exactly? It means we’ve got four Star Wars graphic novels Marvel Comics to giveaway!

Star Wars: A New Hope – The 40th Anniversary
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Adaptation
Star Wars: Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Captain Phasma
Star Wars: Darth Maul 

Thank You Hachette Australia for this awesome prize 🙂


This Is America

This is the new No 1 song here in Australia This Is America by Childish Gambino he knocks Drake off from the top spot. I love the beat at the end it is giving me some   Sarafina vibes

I’ve always wanted to go to America on holiday especially to NYC if I ever get to go I would take something like this with me:

American Tourister HS MV+ Deluxe Large 79cm Expandable Hardside Suitcase Black Checks 88210

but the issue I have is I have to pay off my American Express card first before I can go afield 😦

Postcard Cookie Competition: Nice :)

My wonderful man just got home from work once again he checked the mailbox on his way in and this time my Postcard Cookies were there they are the perfect yummy cookie surprise and I love them.

On the front of the box I put a photo that John took when he was up in Cairns last here is the photo:


On the back I put Happy 40th Bday

and inside were the cookies:

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These were the ones I chose two cookies each 🙂

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These are the steps to get your cookies:

Upload a photo or choose a fun design for the front of your gift box. (they crop it to size of a postcard how wonderful).

Write a special message to get printed on the back of your gift box.

Choose the cookie flavours to get put inside your gift box.

These are the flavours you can choose from:

1x Original Chocolate Chunk Cookie

1x Original Chocolate Chunk Cookie

4x Original Chocolate Chunk Fun Size Cookies

4x Original Chocolate Chunk Fun Size Cookies

4x Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Fun Size Cookies

4x Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Fun Size Cookies.

I must of known they were going to arrive today as this morning when I was going through my emails I was also listening to Spotify at the same time. I had the songs playing on random as I most of the time do and this song came on lol:


Far Cry 5: Nice :)

I was just in the middle of having my lunch when my wonderful man came home for lunch too and to tend to his sore shoulder (poor baby all those years working as a mechanic is taking it’s toll on his body 😦 ) on his way in he checked the mailbox and inside was a parcel when I opened it it was my game. I have a feeling this one is going to be the cream of the crop of this franchise.

I’m now going to hop off here and go play Far Cry 5 on my xbox one Thanks Ubisoft  🙂

Lunchbox by Pete Evans

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Ok well I just went out to check my mail box and was pleasantly surprised when I saw a parcel in there I thought it might be one of my other prizes that I’m waiting on but it wasn’t it was this pretty recipe book with a lovely letter inside:

Dear Bronwyn,

Congratulations Thanks to Pan Macmillan and Virtual Medical Centre/Parenthub you have won a copy of the book “Lunchbox” by Pete Evans for your answer in out competition on the Parenthub website.

Please find your book enclosed.

Thank you for being a loyal reader of Parenthub and for entering our competitions. Remember to tell your family and friends to sign up as a Parenthub subscriber so that they too are eligible to enter our competitions !

So Thank You so very much to Pan Macmillan and Virtual Medical Centre/Parenthub for this perfect prize. The recipe I’m most looking forward to trying is The Beef and Thyme Sausage Rolls which would be perfect with Wagyu Beef 🙂

Here are just a few other recipes from the book:

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Image result for lunchbox by pete evans images

Image result for lunchbox by pete evans images

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