OMG I Have Done It Again :)

I just was going through my E-mails this morning and low and behold I have won another prize here is what I have won:

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children prize pack valued at $100, including:
1. One copy of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children DVD.
2. Official Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children merchandise.
3. One copy of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children book (published by Penguin Random House).
4. Girl Lane Hair Sparkle Shine Spray.
5. Mission Food packaged food items.
6. Peculiar socks x 4 pairs.
7. Candles x 3.
8. Lollipops x 4.

I’m so happy as I haven’t seen the movie and I think I might invite the Neighbors and their kids over to watch it for our viewing party and take a picture and send it before the 9th of Jan so I could then go in the draw to win a pair of Emma’s boots from the movie.

I love that it’s a Tim Burton directed movie as I have been a huge fan of his work since he did Edward Scissorhands and I think he is fantastic.

I love that I am winning things as it’s making me feel better about my current health situation it’s making me feel happy even if it’s for a little while and I feel more confident and I feel like I have a purpose at the moment when things in my life health wise are not so good.

Fresh Winner Brony ūüôā


This is what is planned for our January this year for me I will be resting and taking it very easy unless by some¬†miracle I get to see my Thyroid Specialist and he discovers the answers to my problems so until then I will be catching up on all my fave Tv shows and movies on Netflix and Foxtel (thanks to my darling man for working hard and providing these luxury’s for us) I also will be listening to Spotify which has been a blessing to have when I have my really bad days and can’t get out of bed.

Image result for westworld images

Image result for hemlock grove images

Image result for mr robot images

Image result for american horror story

As for my man he will be very busy working starting tomorrow for a couple of days he has to clean an entire house from top to bottom as now he is also a property manager for his work along with a huge number of other job titles (too many to mention them all) he has to partake in and not get overtime for (but gets to bank up holidays which is a¬†stretch to get when he is needed maybe not valued enough in my opinion) in his forever changing and added extra to all the time Job. My man on top of all this has to take care of me and our house as I can’t do much at the moment being unwell.

On the 22nd of January is my darling mans 47th birthday so we will be celebrating his birthday by going out to our fave¬†restaurant The Rice Buffet and then maybe to see a movie depending on what’s on and how I’m feeling as I can’t seem to go past 9 pm at night before I hit the wall and have to go to bed to sleep.

Here is what’s on the menu at our fave place to eat The Rice Buffet:

The End.


Part Of The Problem

I have known this has been a big problem in my stepsons life since he was little when he would come to us for visitation weekends (every second weekend) and he would wake up in tears and screaming from nightmares from movies (like Chucky at age 3, Saw at age 8, The Kingsman at age 11¬†) he would watch these inappropriate movies with his mother and sister (who is 7 years older than him). Each time his father and I would be horrified that he had been allowed to view/watch these disgusting and¬†disturbing¬†materials and there is nothing we could do (apart from already discussing all issues including these with his mother in several meditations which failed every time because it’s not a refection of her behaviours and her parenting and we have talked to my stepson till we are blue in the face about how inappropriate these movies are and not to watch them if he doesn’t want to) because his mother had custody and the right to raise him as she sore fit and that was to be his “friend” and not his parent.

Image result for when children watch inappropriate movies imagesImage result for when children watch inappropriate movies images

It has become very clear to me after watching ¬†DEADPOOL (which my stepsons sister took him to see last year when he was 12 and once again we didn’t know till after the fact when stepson had told us he’s already seen it we looked at the reviews at the time and were appalled once again that his mother had let her son see this type of movie) for only maybe 10 minutes or so when (Wade and Vanessa are comparing how bad their lives are and Wade confides he had been molested by his uncle and Vanessa counters that she had been molested by multiple uncles and that they took turns)¬†(anyone who knows my past would know why this was a point of no return for me and why it upset me so and to stop watching the rest of the movie) just how much of a problem viewing/watching this content has become and how much it has¬†influenced his current behaviour (which is in the toilet at present) and why he is using the worst swear words in history and saying them with such anger it’s scary and no wonder he is being¬†disrespectful to the women in his lives (including me) It’s partly because he is allowed to view/watch such content and not only allowed but it’s deemed as :”funny” and “acceptable” behaviour in his household.

My stepson needs a lot of help at current and I’m not sure how to do that when we are only in his life for school holidays it’s very hard and sad that this is how it is for my stepson and others seem to think that this is in the best interest of the child.

What Gets You Through The Night ?

I woke up at 2:00 am this morning with intense period pain due to this crazy roller coaster ride that my Thyroid is taking me on I got up and somehow in the dark found the Ibuprofen I took two quietly with some water not to wake my man up from his very peaceful slumber and went back to bed I tossed and turned for awhile then got up and I went on the computer which is in my stepsons room which I have been sleeping in while he is at his mothers house for school terms (not that he goes very often mind you) I did some more research on my symptoms then tried to go back to sleep but the pain was still intense so then I thought what else could I do (I know find some music to listen to that may put me back to sleep) .

So I went back online and went searching for one of my fave singers of all time Nina Simone I came to love her when I saw this movie called The¬†Assassin which¬†heavily features Miss Simone I ended up searching for Nina on Spotify I added all of my fave songs of hers and just listened to her soul soothing beautiful voice and drifted in and out of sleep until my man woke me up at 5:20 am as he was getting ready to go to work (god bless him) I went back into our big comfy bed and slept then until 6:57 am when my body clock tells me to get up even though I’m still so very tired. Here is a clip from the movie for you all to enjoy and Here is some Nina songs to listen to if you wish to. Thank you Nina for some much needed music medicine and I wish you were still with us on this earth so I could let you know how special you were.:)

So what gets you through the night ?

You’ve got to be in it to win it

Now for some good news I have been entering competitions when I am having a rare good not as tired day and I was going through my 5000 emails and I came across one that said The Strain – Access All Areas – Competition Winner and I won so I am getting 1 x copy of The Strain Season 1 on DVD I was so happy that I had finally won something the last time I had won something was when I was 23 I won tickets to see the Whitlams lol.

Strain, The - Season 1

My Health Update:

Well I went yesterday and got my last blood test results from last week and it looks like I have both Hypo and Hyper thyroid Under and Over active Thyroid but both are showing that they are normal levels but I am still showing symptoms of both which is strange because I had hypo first it usually goes the other way and not at the same time he also said I could just be stressed and tired and just need more sleep I get a possible 10 hours a night but not sure if I actually do he also asked me if I should go on anti depressants I sad no way I have seen and observed what they did to my stepson when he was put on Zoloft they turned him into a unemotional robot zombie he had no emotions what so ever I would rather feel down, sad, angry and at times happy than nothing at all and I did research on the side effects and was disgusted with what I found out and if you don’t take them right it could cause hallucinations and suicidal thoughts if you go off them and back on them again I asked if I had Cronic fatigue syndrome or Sleep apnea or Lupus he said he didn’t think so and then I asked if I could go to a specialist so he refereed me to a Endocrinologist so hopefully within a week I will have spoken with the specialist and will get some more comprehensive tests and hopefully some answers fingers crossed I am definitely one in a million and I think my new nick will be Uncommon Bronwyn lol oxox.

Cold Water

This is the new No 1 song on our Aria Charts here in Australia this week. It’s a very calming, relaxing and optimistic song. I think it’s a wonderful collaboration between these three very cool artist’s.

Now I know a lot of people out there love cold water whether it’s to drink or swim in but for me personally I like to drink tap water at room temperature because when I drink cold water it makes my throat go funny and¬†phlegmy it’s worse after eating something hot too I’ve been like that my whole life. It’s the same with cold showers I would rather a steaming hot shower over a cold one even in a hot summer the only exception is to swim in but only in summer I would never swim in a cold pool in winter unless it was really heated lol.

The other thing I don’t like that is cold in winter is a toilet seat there is nothing worse than going to the¬†water closet and having to sit on a cold toilet seat we have a carpeted mat for our feet but nothing for our¬†cheeks when needing to go to the loo. I know you can buy a toilet seat heater but for a proper electric one it will set you back hundreds which at the moment I just don’t have so I will be putting this on my one day wish list for sure lol.

Over the last week my man has been upgrading all our computers and laptops old and new to Window’s 10 and I’m quite happy to report that so far it has been a easy¬†transition from windows 7 I can still do my searches on the internet and within the computer itself and change the desktop background image to what I like. I’m still working out a few things with usb stick formats and conversions to use it from computer to tv I still am yet to look at the new streaming with the xbox thing not sure if I have the patience right now for that maybe one day lol. I’m off to have a drink of not so cold water ūüôā


Morning to all my blogging friends out there this is our new Aria No 1 here in Australia. I have always been a fan of Katy Perry’s since the beginning. I love this new song of hers it’s got that¬†inspirational feel to it for the 2016 olympics.

Watching this video makes me want to get back into riding bikes not only for fun but for exercise and it might be something for the whole family to do especially when we have stepson for school holidays to get him off the couch and xbox lol.

I’m so glad I have a computer to research on things I’m interested in and be inspired by others all around this wonderful world of ours ūüôā


My Ultimate Holiday Bash Dream

If you could have a ultimate holiday bash dream what would it be mine would have to have something to do with gaming, movies, celebrities and fun so to start with I would go to: 

This would cover all of my¬†categories I don’t know who I would get dressed up as but it would be a lot of fun I’d be really happy to meet at least one celeb. Next on my list is:

While I’m in California I would call in here for some rides and movie themed fun then it would be off to :

New York to Broadway not sure which musical I would go and see cause I love them all. Then last but not least I would be off to:

Here I would live out one of my all time dreams to play Black Jack in Vegas my Dad taught me to play when I was 5 I used play Black Jack at the Casino when I lived in Cairns when I turned 18 I only play for free online now as it’s not a good habit to have when you want to save money and to pay your mortgage and bills off.

In My Blood

I’m very happy that the twins from Brisbane Australia have done it again they have topped the Aria charts yet again I have loved these two from the¬†beginning of their¬†career and I think it’s fantastic they are still going strong as soon as I heard this song I knew it would be a hit I couldn’t stop singing it and it’s in my head when I go to bed lol.

Lisa and Jess always make me wish I had a twin they are always together and are so close and best of all make the coolest songs and music together. How cool would it be to have someone look and dress like you would you do that all the time or would you get sick of being the same and dressing the same ? (I don’t know about you but it would be fun to rock a flaming red wig together lol.) I wonder if you were a twin would you dress the same or would you want your own¬†identity ?

I went to high school with twins and I’m proud to call them my friends they were always together and dressing the same even when we weren’t having to wear school uniforms and to this day they are the same and they are the most beautiful and kind girls you would ever meet with a heart of gold they both look after foster children (prior to this they both were childcare directors) the last I saw the girls they had 6 siblings living with them and I think it’s great that they don’t have any children of their own so they can dedicate 100% to theses children and not¬†inflict anything onto their own flesh and blood.

I saw this on the tv the other day and thought wow that’s another cool thing for being a twin amazing really and what are the odds of that and such a special moment and memory and story for future generations to come fantastic.

My Health Update: I haven’t been on for the past 3 weeks as I am still suffering with fatigue and we have been busy with school holidays for the past two weeks with a teen who has been a bit hard to handle on and off. I’m hopping to get some more tests done on myself to find out what is going on with me.

My Birthday Surprise

Just got a very nice surprise from my man I wasn’t expecting anything because he has been spoiling me for days with Timtams,¬†Jewelry and yummy lamb roast for dinner on Sunday he came home with a beautiful purple flower and a gift bag full with my favourite Milky Bar white chocolate bar and a new Book by my favourite author Charlaine Harris Night Shift I’m one very happy and lucky lady today ūüôā

Night Shift