Far Cry 5

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Ok so I just went onto my Facebook page to find out that I have won a copy of Far Cry 5 for my Xbox One Thanks to Stoney Roads and¬†Ubisoft Australia ūüôā

I have been a huge fan of this game franchise since the very first one came out way back in 2004 here is the trailer for the very first Far Cry:

I remember the hype and excitement of the original game and how we all oohh and ahhhed over the graphics and how much of a game changer that was instead of actually playing at the beginning of the game you were so mesmerized by the world you would just walk around and go for a swim and just admire the scenery and the fish and sea creatures in the ocean lol.

So now lets look at the new game which has had as much hype and excitement as the original and all the other titles in the franchise since.

All I can say is wow we have come a long way since 2004 haven’t we I think I will do what I always do when my copy arrives and that is be mesmerized by the world and just be totally immersed¬†in the world.

I can’t wait to muck around with the cows MOO lol.




This is the new No 1 here in Australia Perfect by Ed Sheeran he is back with this beautiful perfect love song. I love this video and I think  Jason Koenig who directed this video as done the perfect job.

Me:¬† I’m not perfect I used to think I was almost perfect until I got this Auto Immune Thyroiditis now I keep getting pimples everywhere mostly on my face and I’ve put on so much weight I look like the puff marshmallow woman I look in the mirror I don’t recognise myself anymore. However I am very grateful that my man is still here looking after me without him who I do think is perfect to me I don’t know what I would do without him.

White Perfect Clinical Day Cream SPF19 PA+++ 50ml - Product Image

I’m going to try some of this day cream above to see if that will help my pimples on my face and hopefully it will be the perfect day cream for me I’m at the point where I’m willing to try anything.

The perfect tree

It’s Christmas time which means time to put up tree’s and lights etc¬†Unfortunately this year I’ve have decided not to put up the tree as I’m still very fatigued and I just don’t have the energy to do so ūüė¶

I do however remember the year we got the perfect xmas tree I was 7 years old and it was our first xmas out at the Greenhills cane farm me and my Ma and my three brothers got in our old ford falcon and we drove up towards Bessie Point and there was a whole lot of pine cone tree’s we pulled in and we all helped Ma cut the perfect xmas tree down we strapped it to the roof of the car and took it home once home we all helped set it into a pot in our lounge room upstairs Ma and I found all the decorations and tinsel and the star for Dad to put on the tree when he got from work we all spent the afternoon decorating the tree while listening to¬†Joe Dolce¬†Christmas in Australia even our dogs and cats where trying to help us decorate the tree lol. We had so many bauballs and¬†ornaments and tinsel and lights even real candy canes so we could eat them on xmas day to me it was the perfect tree.

Here are some of the songs that we listened to while decorated our perfect tree:




This is what is happening for me and my family in July it’s currently June/July school holidays and my man John is up in Cairns looking after his 14 year old son it’s hard for my man when his son doesn’t bring his student ID with him so they can’t go to places at local discount prices when you also have to fork out $768 per month in child support and pay for my stepsons food and entertainment on top it’s also winter and even though it doesn’t get as cold there as here in Mackay it has had moments of quite cold weather and rain up there so that also makes it hard to do things the last thing my man wants is a sick child or send him home sick and miss even more days off school.

It’s also my beautiful Niece Dana’s 20th birthday on the 10th of July I hope she has a wonderful day.

As for me I’m looking after our fur babies and our house while John is away I am also going to be preparing for my upcoming home sleep test next month I got all the documents and info to read and fill out for that today I didn’t realise how much you have to do beforehand. I hope you all have a wonderful July ūüôā


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Today’s post is all about Animals growing up on a cane farm in north Queensland we had all types of animals the cuddly cute types and also the scary dangerous types of Animals on the farm here are the cute cuddly ones we had (these are just pics from the internet not of the actual Animals we had):

We had many types of dogs on the farm we had a German Short-Haired Pointer called Angie.

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We had a few Rottweilers over the years Mama Cass (Mama Cass had 8 puppies on my 8th birthday) and Emma.

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We had one Chiwawa called Hoey named after the Chiwawa Ren Hoek in Ren and Stimpy he was so brave for a little guy he took on a pack of pig dogs to try and save his human family.

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We had a lot of cats over the years to many to mention but we loved them all. We had a Tabby called Tom he was special as he loved our dogs and was always cuddling up to them who said cats and dogs can’t be friends.

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We had a pure white cat called Bianca (means white female in Italian) she had different coloured eyes and wasn’t blind or deaf and she was a true¬†survivor (just like her human mum me is) she and her kittens went missing for days we think she took on a dingo to save her kittens she came back to us all¬†scratched up and almost dead she slept on my bed for days and came to and was all good she lived until she was 20 years old.

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We had a Wallaby called Yo Yo he went with us everywhere he would hold onto my dresses and I would pull him around he came with me to school when Mum had tuck shop duties at school.

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We had a lot of Guinea pigs over the years the poor things didn’t last long as either our dogs or¬†neighbours dogs or snakes would get to them.

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We had one rabbit called Easter.

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We had ducks which would swim in a old bath tub in our back yard.

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We had Chickens and Rosters the chickens would supply us with and eggs and the rosters would chase us lol.

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We had lots of Green Tree Frogs around the house and yard they used to live in our toilets and bath tub upstairs.

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We had lots of different types of Butterfly’s around the place too my fave the Blue ulysses butterfly.

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I always loved seeing Christmas Beetles as that meant it was almost Christmas time and they are so pretty to look at.

Now for the scary dangerous ones:

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We had lots of rats around which is why we had lots of cats to chase them and eat them I hate them they used to chew our electric cables and I was cleaning through my stuff one day and found a whole family of them in my box of stuffed animal toys and teddy bears as I put my hand in mummy rat went crawling up my arm and down my back I never in my life screamed and sweared so loud lol.

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We had lots of spiders of different types mostly huntsman’s but this one year we had a horde of spiders that would live on the toilet roll handle and come out at you and hiss they were very scary we had to wear shoes everywhere and not put our clothes on the floor.

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We had lots of snakes all different types green tree snakes which were beautiful to look at from afar and we had eastern brown, taipans, red belly blacks, carpet snakes just to name a few we couldn’t go for a walk at night as there would be thousands of them on the dirt road.

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We had lots of wild pigs around the country side I was walking one day and came across a mummy pig and her baby pig and I was chased by mummy pig I had never run so fast in my life.

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We had a few dingo’s around the country side as well.

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We had plover birds around the cane farm nesting in the cane fields they were ok unless you went near a nest then they would attack you which happened a few times making me run home.

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We had lots of bugs I was always getting bitten by something scorpions in the pool, praymantis on the windows, elephant and rhinoceros beetles that our dogs had trouble with to just name a few.

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We had tons of cane toads around every day I would have to get the broom to get one out of our down stairs shower they are so gross.

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With wild pigs came pig hunting dogs that are trained to hunt and kill the wild pigs in our area the problem was is that the people who owned the pig dogs didn’t care about them and would just let them go and leave them to kill people’s pets and livestock we lost our Chiwawa and our neighbors lost their cow and calf.

Here is a song called Animals ūüôā

Here is my other blog about my current Animals in my family: