Me Chillaxing At Home

I’m Brony Bell I’m a childcare educator who likes to talk about all things in life I’ve been told I’m very easy to talk to and that people can talk to me about anything.  I’ve been through a lot in my life even on day 1 on this earth being 6 weeks early and very small I wasn’t supposed to survive but I was strong for someone so small now I’m 37 been to death’s door at 21 with a severe allergy to antibiotics which took me 1 and a half years to recover from and still suffer from fatigue and darkness under my eyes from the liver damage I received I try hard to not let my ongoing medical conditions rule me and remain optimistic for my future I’m also a Stepmum of a 12 year old boy which is a big challenge sometimes I love him like he is my own and his dad is a wonderful man who deserves a lot more credit than people give him I believe I have survived on this earth to help others weather it’s to listen to them or to give my life advice but I’m no expert in life we learn new things everyday and we make mistakes as we are human.


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