What Makes You Feel Happy :)

What makes me feel Happy the most is listening to Music and Dancing 🙂

What makes you feel Happy ?

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2 thoughts on “What Makes You Feel Happy :)

  1. Thanks for that I have always loved music too. I’m not to bad all things considered it’s a bit of a struggle come the weekends as my Thyroid specialist has dropped me back on my meds on weekends from 85 mgs to 10 mgs in the morning and another 10 mgs in the afternoon I just get worn out so much quicker and more on a lower dose I did manage to do some dancing in the mornings but by the afternoons had no energy left so I would just watch pay tv and rest I will be getting another blood test in a months time so will see what that brings. Thank you so much for your well wishes I hope all is well with your beautiful family as well 🙂


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