Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Day Images

To all my fellow bloggers out there I hope you all have a fantastic valentine’s day today with your loved ones and if your single I hope you can go out and at least try to find love if you love yourself then someone out there will love you too. I know valentine’s day is a commercialised day so that people spend money on their loved ones everyday should be valentine’s day tell the people in your life everyday that you love them because you never know what’s around the corner cherish everyday as if it’s your last.

This is the message I sent to my man John via text this morning as he is home in Mackay and I’m at my Ma and Pa’s in Cairns still seeking help and trying to find answers for my health here is the text message: Good morning my love happy valentine’s day Roses are red violets are blue I love and miss the shape of you followed by kiss emoji’s heart emoji’s sad faces emoji’s roses emoji’s a spanner emoji and a heart and diamond emoji.

My Health Update: Over the last few weeks I have seen doctor, Psychologist, Naturopath 1, Chiropractor, Naturopath 2 which was today I got a food allergy test done I am definitely allergic to Cow’s milk but am staying off wheat as recommended by my new naturo I also will be getting a heavy metal toxicity test done to rule out any other toxins in my body and I will get further tests done by my new naturo and get a plan so I can go home to my man and my cats which I am missing very much. Today I went back to my Chiro who was pleased with my progress she did some more work on me and gave me a new relaxation exercise to do everyday for 5 to 10mins.

Here is one to dance to and just because I love OutKast.

This one is making me miss my cats my fur babies 😦



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