Shape Of You

He is Back Harry Styles kicked Ed Sheeran off his No 1 post for just one week and now Ed Sheeran has the No 1 pole position on the Aria Charts yet again (I know some of you wouldn’t be happy with that and are over Ed’s rein in the charts lol.) I love this video clip especially right at the end when Ed is rolling around in the Sumo suit trying to get back up it’s hilarious and reminded me of when I used to work at the PCYC in Cairns my first boss there hand made Sumo suits and every school holidays she would bring them out and us staff and children would have a go in the Sumo suits and play fight against each other and believe me when you do fall on your back it’s so hard to get back up so I can say I know how Ed felt lol.

This is the first new No 1 of 2017 here in Australia Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran. This song is making me home sick for my man now that I’m staying at my ma’s in Cairns to hopefully get treatment and answers for my illness.(which I did and now I’m home back in Mackay with my Man and Cats lol.)

I cried as we left the airport as I waved and blew kisses to my man it was like a scene in a movie as the man keeps turning around as he walks away. I cried this morning as I realised he isn’t here beside me.(after six weeks I was very happy to be home with my man and my cats)

Change of subject other shapes of things I like is shoes it amazes me how shoe manufacturers make comfortable durable shoes and at the same time make them stylish. What Shape of things do you like 🙂

I also like the shape of Subway Banners lol as I love eating Subway sandwiches not that I get to very often as I’m trying to watch what I eat as it’s hard to exercise when your fatigued but when I do get to go to Subway I always get Italian Herbs and Cheese Toasted with Ham or Chicken with Mozzarella, Cucumber’s, Lettuce, Tomato’s and Beetroot’s topped with Honey Mustard or Mayonnaise. What I like about Subway is that if you are strapped for cash you can get toasties for 2 bucks and people say they can’t afford to eat that’s Bull I say they just have to get there priorities right instead of buying technology stuff or smokes or alcohol and gambling etc buy food it’s not that hard really.


2 thoughts on “Shape Of You

  1. Over here it’s Ed’s song Castle On The Hill that’s heading for no 1, as a family we love it, really reminds us of one of our favourite artists, Foy Vance who is a friend and a supporter of Ed.

    I love the shape of my Wellington boots (green Dunlops) so comfortable I just live in them, even been known to slip them on to go to the local shop and pub 🙂

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  2. Cool Castle on the hill is no 2 here so he has two songs at the top I love him too I will look at Foy Vance I think you posted a song on your blog and I liked him too.
    You sound like John he wears his boots a lot too he gets a new pair every year through his work. When I got my very first pay check from the bakery I went out and bought a pair of Doc Martins they were very cool they had a heal on them and everywhere I would go I would get comments on them and asked where I got them

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