Moo-ving Temporarily

This time tomorrow I will be on a plane heading back home to live with my Ma and Stepdad who I call Dad up in Cairns Tropical Far North Queensland I’d thought I would share a few pics of my Ma’s garden and her Halloween decorating skills I’m staying there while I hopefully get my health sorted out.



Update: I was up at Ma and Pa’s for six weeks at the beginning of the year I went to my Pa’s doctor who recommended I go see a psychologist who sorted out my depression and tricks to combat my anxiety using brain training it was very interesting and it helped I didn’t want to go on meds as I’ve seen what they do to people I didn’t want to become a robot zombie and other symptoms caused by my Hypothyroidism which is why I can’t handle stress anymore as well. I then went to a Naturopath who recommended I go to a Chiropractor because my neck was out so I went and got whacked and cracked and she gave me tricks on how to get my balance back and more tricks on how to combat stress like singing which I do all the time and gargling when feeling stressed. I was still feeling unwell after all this so my Pa went back to our doctor and requested I get a referral to a Endocrinologist (Thyroid Specialist). So off I went to see her and she did more tests and it turned out I have Autoimmune Thyroiditis disease which is why I still felt sick and the Thyroid meds I was on weren’t enough so now I’m on higher meds and I’m getting a sleep study done to see if I have Sleep Apnea as well I’m going to get another blood test this week as I think my thyroid levels are depleting again and I need a more higher dose of thyroid meds as my symptoms are coming back.

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