This has got me so Ropeable this morning I was screaming and yelling at the tv whilst watching Sunrise at both this crusty old Senator who if he had to work in a childcare centre probably wouldn’t even last one day with what us Childcare Educators have to do each and every day to earn when I started $14.50 per hour 50 cents more for diploma qualified staff at the time (I was 18 years old then and qualified with a cert 3 and training to do my diploma as well as working 40 hours a week I was working either the early shift or the late shift we would rotate shifts every 3 months to make things fair on all staff) and now 20 years later if your casual like I was you would be getting $23 but because your deemed casual your lucky to get more than 5 hours a day if you even get 5 hours a day some weeks you got nothing because you were deemed to expensive and just because the childcare fees go up doesn’t mean it gets passed onto the hard working childcare worker it goes on administration fees instead and Pauline Hanson who before this I was starting to admire her for her efforts with fathers fighting for custody of their children in family courts and she is very wrong about mothers not needing certificates to be a parent I think some mothers do need to be taught how to be a parent especially the ones who can’t get off their backside and get their child to school or cook them a healthy meal or cloth them etc.

Here is just what we do each and every day as a Childcare Educator and I feel we need to be more respected and valued in this country as we are contributing to nurture and educate our future society which I feel is a very important job wouldn’t you agree.


What are your Duties / Responsibilities as a Childcare Worker?

As a childcare worker you have an endless amount of responsibilities. Below is an outline of the most common responsibilities you will have while working in child care:

  • Work with staff members to ensure the smooth operation of the day to day running of the centre in accordance to your centre’s policies and procedures (which you must be familiar with).
  • Contribute to and assist in the development and/or evaluation of the programme (it doesn’t matter what qualification you have, it’s important for all staff to share their thoughts and ideas on the programme).
  • Assist staff in the daily routine of appropriate early childhood education and experiences.
  • Supervise and engage in the activities of a group of children during the day that you are responsible for.
  • Positively interact with all children, nurturing their confidence and self esteem giving each child individual attention and comfort throughout the day.
  • Assist in planning for the ongoing development of each individual child (this also includes maintaining up to date observations and portfolios for the child).
  • Assist in the recording of children’s development (depending on your centre’s policies, this can include developmental checklists).
  • Assist in implementing a consistent daily routine for the children (the routine does provide structure and guidance for the children during the day).
  • Participate in supervising indoor/outdoor environments to provide safety for the children at all times.
  • Ensure a clean and healthy environment for all children (this requires you to do everyday cleaning as part of your duties).
  • Communicate with parents as delegated by the room supervisor or Director (talk to the parents about what their child has done throughout the day).
  • Perform incidental administrative duties (filling out accident/incident reports when necessary).
  • Attend to incidental cleaning and housekeeping associated with the individual and group activities, experiences and routines (this almost seems as what you spend most of the day doing, although it is a big part of occupational, health and safety).
  • As requested attend parent/staff meetings (staff meetings are held once a month at your childcare centre, usually after work hours. Parent meetings are held twice a year, depending on your centre).
  • As required carry out other duties that are within the knowledge, skills and capabilities of you as the worker.

Now I would like to invite any politician out there to come and try doing our job fully in all it’s capacity for $21.22 per hour full time we will see then who is a harder worker shall we.

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