What a Cluster F***

I’m siting here crying into my coffee with the realisation that our health system in rural Queensland is fatally flawed when in the last six months you have gone to three different doctors each one sending you to get blood tests for everything the second one diagnoses you with Hypothyroidism puts you on 50mg’s of Thyroxine after 2 months you go back to see second doctor because you still feel unwell but he isn’t available so you see another doctor no 3 who gets you to do another blood test which comes back “normal” and asks more about the symptoms your having and says it sounds like you have both Hyper and Hypo so I ask can I see a specialist and he says yes and supposedly refers me to what I thought was a Thyroid specialist at the hospital which after ringing them and ringing them every week for the last month or more and kept getting told ring back in a week and half and we go there today to see what the problem is and why I haven’t got a booking yet it’s because doctor no 3 didn’t send it through properly not only he didn’t send it through or if he did he sent it to a Bowel specialist surgeon nothing to even do with Thyroid problems and that I’m not even on any waiting list at all because I don’t exist even in their system and there isn’t even a Endocrinologist (thyroid specialist) at all in Mackay there was when the mining boom was on but now that there is no money here in the town he left. So now I have to seek help 9.5 hours away for how long I don’t know to get sorted because they can’t help me in the town I have been living in for the past 5 years which I just can’t believe on the other hand I have spoken to a few friends on Facebook who have gone through what I am currently and they have told me going back to Cairns is the way to go as they have all seen fantastic doctors up there and are all now fixed and back to living their lives which once again gives me hope and restores my faith in humanity which the doctors had made me really contemplate and loose faith in.


2 thoughts on “What a Cluster F***

  1. Yep this was the doctor’s stuff up and then the receptionist’s at the doctors and then the receptionist at the hospital just one stuff up after the other really at least I get to go home home for awhile and once I’m feeling better will be able to catch up with everyone up there before coming back down home here.


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