OMG I Have Done It Again :)

I just was going through my E-mails this morning and low and behold I have won another prize here is what I have won:

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children prize pack valued at $100, including:
1. One copy of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children DVD.
2. Official Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children merchandise.
3. One copy of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children book (published by Penguin Random House).
4. Girl Lane Hair Sparkle Shine Spray.
5. Mission Food packaged food items.
6. Peculiar socks x 4 pairs.
7. Candles x 3.
8. Lollipops x 4.

I’m so happy as I haven’t seen the movie and I think I might invite the Neighbors and their kids over to watch it for our viewing party and take a picture and send it before the 9th of Jan so I could then go in the draw to win a pair of Emma’s boots from the movie.

I love that it’s a Tim Burton directed movie as I have been a huge fan of his work since he did Edward Scissorhands and I think he is fantastic.

I love that I am winning things as it’s making me feel better about my current health situation it’s making me feel happy even if it’s for a little while and I feel more confident and I feel like I have a purpose at the moment when things in my life health wise are not so good.

Fresh Winner Brony πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “OMG I Have Done It Again :)

  1. I received an email too but the email address says NOREPLY! Terms and Conditions also state the prize MUST be claimed by the 3rd of January and my email only arrived this morning (4thJan). Only just saw it now 10:30pm! Expecting my return email to bounce. No idea how I am to get my prize by the 9th of Jan to enter the other part of the competition. They are going to have to super-express the package. All looks a bit suss and confusing to me. Any way, hope it isnt just a phishing scam….. If my return email to them bounces then I will will have to ring a Sydney number at cost tomorrow (not toll-free)
    *Also saw someone else on Facebook say the company had called them to say they won. Don’t know why some people were called and others emailed.. As the title says…Peculiar!!! Congrats to you if this is a legit competition and we get our prizes still


  2. Well I actually was also called but missed the call when I rang them back yesterday to confirm my mailing address the same number showed up on my mobile phone I confirmed my address they said it will be at my place by the weekend and to make sure I take a photo of our viewing party to go into the draw for Emma’s boots.


  3. I rang them back and asked them straight out if this was legit and they assured me it was she went through the prize pack with me and said they are being all sent out today and be sure to send to photo of the viewing party to be in the running to get Emma’s boots I told her I was concerned and was getting a bit panicky that it was a phishing thing and she said that she understood my concerns as you can’t be sure with everything on the internet and that this is real and I will get my prize pack over the weekend so I could have my viewing party. She sounded legit and was very nice to me I have won several comps now and two of them had a NOREPLY on the e-mail and the other one was legit so I’m thinking this is the same I just spent the morning researching all this and to me it seems legit I guess I will really know in a few days when my pack turns up I will let you know when it does so you it was for sure legit πŸ™‚


  4. I told my man about all this and asked what he thought about it all and he said they only asked for your name and mailing address right I said yes he then said if they asked for your birthdate, passwords or bank details then would be scammers he said I wouldn’t worry about it and we will enjoy the prize pack and try and do a great pic for the boots


  5. I rang the number this morning and am now happy it is legit. She was a nice lady but didn’t seem to understand half the things I was asking. It is just not a very well organised competition. (i.e. lack of information, conflicting draw dates, conflicting dates to post the photos, no name of the company, business address or sender’s name in the email, no toll free number to call back, a ‘noreply’ email to reply with, ..all the usual things you want to know when you are giving strangers your deets. ) As I explained what the T&C stated, she told me they must be incorrect, then said the final date for the photos is in April…then emailed me back and gave me a completely different date in January! haha! So overall I have been given four different dates. LOL She said there will be more info with the prize when it arrives, so hopefully all will be cleared up then. At the moment I remain baffled but very happy and grateful that a prize is on its way. Congrats to anyone else who won! 50 prizes is very generous. I have seen about 7 different competitions for the boots since the movie was released. Happy just to get the movie, some snacks and some new socks though πŸ™‚

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  6. What a big relief hey. Yes both times I rang them both girls were very nice the girl yesterday was very understanding of my concerns and really made it clear it was legit to me I think you and I aren’t the only ones ringing with our concerns I’m so glad I rang back yesterday. I highly agree with you on that very unorganised indeed not very professional at all really I think they may of bitten off more then they could chew on this comp having to send out all those packs to 50 winners which is very generous I do agree. I was told on Wednesday that it was the 9th and when I rang back yesterday they told me the 20th very peculiar. Congrats to you too it’s exciting to get prizes and for me in my current Thyroid Storm with depression and anxiety wining comps is helping me big time with my mental health. Oh wow 7 for the boots that’s a lot of boots to giveaway lol. It’s a awesome pack really a word to the wise if you have young children in primary school be careful letting them watch the movie as my best friend let her nearly 13 year old daughter watch the movie at the movies on her own and she had really bad nightmares and now has to listen to soothing music at night as the movie really traumatised her poor kid and my best friend and her hubby watched it together and said what have we done to our girl. Whoo hooo I’m glad your prize pack has arrived mine hasn’t yet I’m still waiting for my rice cooker I won the other week it’s coming from SA and I’m in QLD so I hope both turn up soon πŸ™‚ Let me know what you think of your pack and the movie after your viewing party I would be interested in what you thought I will do the same for you as well Enjoy it too πŸ™‚


  7. We saw the movie at the theatre when it first came out in Aus. My 12 year old daughter was reading the book in her high school book club at the time, so she knew there would be scary bits. I always research stories online before going to movies, so had prior warning. I always do that because my daughter does get disturbed by certain things. She enjoyed the movie but was a little angry that it was different to the book in many ways. Overall, she gave it a thumbs up though. I am sorry to hear about your friend’s daughter.
    Congrats on your rice-cooker! Lovely prize. I have been comping for about 45 years now. Mum got me into it when I about 5 (lol) – That moment a parcel arrives at the door is always an exciting one, even after all this time
    Always looking for things to do during the hols so I’ll get a few of my daughter’s friends over for a movie night.
    P.S. The candles look so pretty but are VERY strong! The perfume may have overwhelmed the tortilla chips. Will see when we eat them – Hahaha! Enjoy

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  8. Oh ok I’m glad your daughter knew about the scary bits in the movie and that she is into reading that’s awesome as well I wish my stepson was he says reading is boring. Yes we do the same too I wish my stepsons mother did that then maybe my stepson wouldn’t be so out of hand if he wasn’t seeing and playing the wrong things. Your a very thoughtful and caring mum to do that I’m lucky violence or scary things don’t faze me thank god but if I could have kids I would be making sure it was age appropriate before they viewed or played anything. Yeah I agree with your daughter I get like that too when you read a fantastic story and then watch the movie or tv show and it’s completely different it is annoying indeed because it’s not what your expecting.
    Oh good I can’t wait to see it and even my man says it looks good and is glad we will get to see it now.
    Thank You very much the poor kid has been through a lot this year she was diagnosed with something can’t think what it’s called thanks to my brain fog atm anyway she has been in and out of a wheelchair and moonboots and then to finally go to see a movie and this happens it’s not good. Thank You yeah since the 4th of November last year I have won 4 prizes The Strain season 1 on blu ray, a Uniqlo cooling shirt but I didn’t realise it was for Brisbane residents only I tried to get my brother to claim it as he lives down there but he was out at Gladstone working so unfortunately that one went unclaimed and then the rice-cooker and now The Peculiar prize before this I only ever won tickets to see The Whitlams lol.
    Wow that’s a long time your mum sounds awesome to give you that skill I guess I have been entering comps since I was 10 I really wanted to win The La Bamba one and I was so devastated when I didn’t win it broke my heart I haven’t entered this many probably because I have always worked in between being sick my whole adult life and it’s only now that I have the time and it’s so much easier and quicker with the internet I am in love with it now I’m not sure if I can stop entering them now I’m getting a bit addicted lol. I agree it’s definitely gives you the warm fuzzy’s it’s great. Sounds like a plan I was going to invite my neighbours kids over but after what my bestie has told me I think it will be just me and my man having the viewing party lol. Yeah they do I saw your post on Facey you can friend me on there if you want you can never have to many friends I say Thank You for letting me know about that I hope they don’t spoil the tortilla chips either. Yeah hopefully they are ok and taste good lol. Thank You again you too I’m still waiting for mine πŸ™‚


  9. I got the e-mail yesterday to say it’s on the way haven’t felt well at all since last night feeling dizzy and I had another head spin this morning I slept all morning till now.


  10. Congrats on your prize winning. And I’m glad it made your day! You deserve to be happy. And if a prize like that doesn’t make someone smile than what will? I would love to get something like that in the mail. It would totally make my day. As it would if you would follow me. I would greatly appreciate it if you would follow me or check out my blog. I only need one more person before I get to 50 followers. And it would make me so happy to get there. But either way thank you for your inspirational writings. -bel happy blogging

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  11. Thank You Bel I’m sorry I haven’t liked and replied to you until now I haven’t had any internet for 5 weeks I would love to follow you no worries I see your blog is about the in’s and outs of vaping I used to smoke when I was younger well mostly casually when going out with friends clubbing I had to give up the smokes and alcohol due to a allergy to antibiotics when I was 21 so I haven’t touched either since then but still am happy to support other bloggers πŸ™‚


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