This is what is planned for our January this year for me I will be resting and taking it very easy unless by some miracle I get to see my Thyroid Specialist and he discovers the answers to my problems so until then I will be catching up on all my fave Tv shows and movies on Netflix and Foxtel (thanks to my darling man for working hard and providing these luxury’s for us) I also will be listening to Spotify which has been a blessing to have when I have my really bad days and can’t get out of bed.

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As for my man he will be very busy working starting tomorrow for a couple of days he has to clean an entire house from top to bottom as now he is also a property manager for his work along with a huge number of other job titles (too many to mention them all) he has to partake in and not get overtime for (but gets to bank up holidays which is a stretch to get when he is needed maybe not valued enough in my opinion) in his forever changing and added extra to all the time Job. My man on top of all this has to take care of me and our house as I can’t do much at the moment being unwell.

On the 22nd of January is my darling mans 47th birthday so we will be celebrating his birthday by going out to our fave restaurant The Rice Buffet and then maybe to see a movie depending on what’s on and how I’m feeling as I can’t seem to go past 9 pm at night before I hit the wall and have to go to bed to sleep.

Here is what’s on the menu at our fave place to eat The Rice Buffet:


The End.


4 thoughts on “January

  1. Yes he is very much like you, you could almost be twins lol. He loves being busy most of the time just not when he is supposed to be on holidays unfortunately if he doesn’t go in early and get this clean up done then when he officially starts back on Monday he will be behind so I hope his extra effort helps him in the long run. Yeah so do we I have taken my Mum and one of my Brothers there they both live away from us so when we go there I always tease them lol what I love is it’s always slightly different when you go there last time for our anniversary they had the yummiest garlic potato bake and they had tiramisu and different lollies and different flavoured tim tams it really is an amazing place to eat out at they are traditional Chinese owners and cooks who run it and they are lovely people you can even order what you want as well not just the buffet which is incredible and it always amazes us how skinny they are with all that yummy food around them lol 🙂


  2. It’s a shame when we have to do that unrecognised extra work that keeps us ahead of the game,
    Sound like a fabulous restaurant, we have a all you can eat buffet in Liverpool, it’s food front around the world, you can walk around all of the sections helping yourself 🙂

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  3. Yeah it sure is it was the same with my work too go in on weekends to clean or do more paperwork and be expected to do it for nothing or for extra holidays. Cool that sounds like a awesome place to eat at too I wish we could get in a teleportation device and travel to places in a few minutes then we could join you all there and catch up for real and same for you guys could join us for dinner and see our worlds together for real that would be cool and maybe cheaper than our air plane flights cost now lol.


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