Happy Australia Day :)

G’day Mate Today is Straya Day as Occa Aussies call it and it’s the day we come together as a nation to celebrate all things Australian weather that be going to the beach for a barbie with our nearest and dearest or going to the pub to have some grub and grog and listen to a live band or just staying at home eating Vegemite on toast for brekkie sausage rolls and party pies for lunch Roast lamb for dinner and Lamingtons, Pavlova and Tim tams for dessert whilst wearing some form of clothing or shoes with the Australian flag on it listening to Aussie songs no matter what you do it’s a day of pride for our lucky country.


My Stepdad proudly became a Australian Citizen in November 2016 he is originally from London he fell in love with the place and my Ma lol.

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Aussie Slang words and their meanings.

Ace! : Excellent! Very good!
Arvo : afternoon
Amber fluid : beer
Aussie : Australian
Beaut, beauty : great, fantastic
Big Mobs : loads, a lot of
Bloody : very
Bloody oath! : that’s certainly true
Blue : argument/mistake
Bodgy : poor quality
Bonzer : great, ripper
Bottler : something excellent
Bottling :
his blood’s worth:
he’s an excellent, helpful bloke
Buckley’s chance :
(you’ve got)
no chance
Bull dust : rubbish
Cactus : dead, broken
Cark it : to die, stop working
Chocka : full up
Click : kilometre – “it’s 20 clicks away”
Come a gutser : a bad mistake or have an accident
Come good : turn out ok
Cooee, not within : figuratively a long way away
Cost big bikkies : expensive
Crack a fat : get an erection
Cream, to : defeat by a large margin
Cut snake :
(mad as a)
very angry
Dead dingo’s donger :
(as dry as a)
Deadset : true / the truth
Dingo’s breakfast : no breakfast
Dinkum / fair dinkum : true, real, genuine
Dinky-di : the real thing, genuine
Docket : a bill, receipt
Doco : documentary
Drink with the flies : to drink alone
Dunny rat :
(cunning as a)
very cunning
Exy : expensive
Fair dinkum : true, genuine
Fair go : a chance / break
Fair suck of the sav! : exclamation of wonder, awe, disbelief
Furphy : rumour
G’Day : hello!
Give it a burl : try it, have a go
Give it away : give up
Going off : good fun
Good oil : useful information, a good idea, the truth
Good onya : well done
Grouse : great, terrific
Heaps : a lot
Iffy : dodgy
It’s gone walkabout : it’s lost, can’t be found
Kangaroos loose
in the top paddock :
Intellectually inadequate
Kick the bucket : to die
Knock back : refuse
London to a brick : absolute certainty
Lunch :
(who opened their?)
OK, who farted?
Mate’s rate : cheaper than usual for a friend
Mate’s discount : cheaper than usual for a friend
No worries! : no problem / its okay
Nun’s nasty :
(as dry as a)
very dry
Piece of piss : easy task
Pig’s arse! : I don’t agree
Plate, bring a : Instruction to bring a plate of food to a party
Pozzy : position
Quid, make a : earn a living
Rack off : get lost! get out of here!
Reckon! : for sure
Ridgy-didge : original, genuine
Right : okay
Ripper : Great
Rooted : ruined, broken
She’ll be apples : It’ll be all right
She’ll be right : it’ll be okay
Sparrows fart : dawn
Strewth : exclamation
Stoked : very pleased
Stuffed, I’ll be : expression of surprise
Too right : definitely
Turps, hit the : go on a drinking binge
Zack, not worth a : not worth anything



Shape Of You

He is Back Harry Styles kicked Ed Sheeran off his No 1 post for just one week and now Ed Sheeran has the No 1 pole position on the Aria Charts yet again (I know some of you wouldn’t be happy with that and are over Ed’s rein in the charts lol.) I love this video clip especially right at the end when Ed is rolling around in the Sumo suit trying to get back up it’s hilarious and reminded me of when I used to work at the PCYC in Cairns my first boss there hand made Sumo suits and every school holidays she would bring them out and us staff and children would have a go in the Sumo suits and play fight against each other and believe me when you do fall on your back it’s so hard to get back up so I can say I know how Ed felt lol.

This is the first new No 1 of 2017 here in Australia Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran. This song is making me home sick for my man now that I’m staying at my ma’s in Cairns to hopefully get treatment and answers for my illness.(which I did and now I’m home back in Mackay with my Man and Cats lol.)

I cried as we left the airport as I waved and blew kisses to my man it was like a scene in a movie as the man keeps turning around as he walks away. I cried this morning as I realised he isn’t here beside me.(after six weeks I was very happy to be home with my man and my cats)

Change of subject other shapes of things I like is shoes it amazes me how shoe manufacturers make comfortable durable shoes and at the same time make them stylish. What Shape of things do you like 🙂

I also like the shape of Subway Banners lol as I love eating Subway sandwiches not that I get to very often as I’m trying to watch what I eat as it’s hard to exercise when your fatigued but when I do get to go to Subway I always get Italian Herbs and Cheese Toasted with Ham or Chicken with Mozzarella, Cucumber’s, Lettuce, Tomato’s and Beetroot’s topped with Honey Mustard or Mayonnaise. What I like about Subway is that if you are strapped for cash you can get toasties for 2 bucks and people say they can’t afford to eat that’s Bull I say they just have to get there priorities right instead of buying technology stuff or smokes or alcohol and gambling etc buy food it’s not that hard really.


Moo-ving Temporarily

This time tomorrow I will be on a plane heading back home to live with my Ma and Stepdad who I call Dad up in Cairns Tropical Far North Queensland I’d thought I would share a few pics of my Ma’s garden and her Halloween decorating skills I’m staying there while I hopefully get my health sorted out.



Update: I was up at Ma and Pa’s for six weeks at the beginning of the year I went to my Pa’s doctor who recommended I go see a psychologist who sorted out my depression and tricks to combat my anxiety using brain training it was very interesting and it helped I didn’t want to go on meds as I’ve seen what they do to people I didn’t want to become a robot zombie and other symptoms caused by my Hypothyroidism which is why I can’t handle stress anymore as well. I then went to a Naturopath who recommended I go to a Chiropractor because my neck was out so I went and got whacked and cracked and she gave me tricks on how to get my balance back and more tricks on how to combat stress like singing which I do all the time and gargling when feeling stressed. I was still feeling unwell after all this so my Pa went back to our doctor and requested I get a referral to a Endocrinologist (Thyroid Specialist). So off I went to see her and she did more tests and it turned out I have Autoimmune Thyroiditis disease which is why I still felt sick and the Thyroid meds I was on weren’t enough so now I’m on higher meds and I’m getting a sleep study done to see if I have Sleep Apnea as well I’m going to get another blood test this week as I think my thyroid levels are depleting again and I need a more higher dose of thyroid meds as my symptoms are coming back.



This has got me so Ropeable this morning I was screaming and yelling at the tv whilst watching Sunrise at both this crusty old Senator who if he had to work in a childcare centre probably wouldn’t even last one day with what us Childcare Educators have to do each and every day to earn when I started $14.50 per hour 50 cents more for diploma qualified staff at the time (I was 18 years old then and qualified with a cert 3 and training to do my diploma as well as working 40 hours a week I was working either the early shift or the late shift we would rotate shifts every 3 months to make things fair on all staff) and now 20 years later if your casual like I was you would be getting $23 but because your deemed casual your lucky to get more than 5 hours a day if you even get 5 hours a day some weeks you got nothing because you were deemed to expensive and just because the childcare fees go up doesn’t mean it gets passed onto the hard working childcare worker it goes on administration fees instead and Pauline Hanson who before this I was starting to admire her for her efforts with fathers fighting for custody of their children in family courts and she is very wrong about mothers not needing certificates to be a parent I think some mothers do need to be taught how to be a parent especially the ones who can’t get off their backside and get their child to school or cook them a healthy meal or cloth them etc.

Here is just what we do each and every day as a Childcare Educator and I feel we need to be more respected and valued in this country as we are contributing to nurture and educate our future society which I feel is a very important job wouldn’t you agree.


What are your Duties / Responsibilities as a Childcare Worker?

As a childcare worker you have an endless amount of responsibilities. Below is an outline of the most common responsibilities you will have while working in child care:

  • Work with staff members to ensure the smooth operation of the day to day running of the centre in accordance to your centre’s policies and procedures (which you must be familiar with).
  • Contribute to and assist in the development and/or evaluation of the programme (it doesn’t matter what qualification you have, it’s important for all staff to share their thoughts and ideas on the programme).
  • Assist staff in the daily routine of appropriate early childhood education and experiences.
  • Supervise and engage in the activities of a group of children during the day that you are responsible for.
  • Positively interact with all children, nurturing their confidence and self esteem giving each child individual attention and comfort throughout the day.
  • Assist in planning for the ongoing development of each individual child (this also includes maintaining up to date observations and portfolios for the child).
  • Assist in the recording of children’s development (depending on your centre’s policies, this can include developmental checklists).
  • Assist in implementing a consistent daily routine for the children (the routine does provide structure and guidance for the children during the day).
  • Participate in supervising indoor/outdoor environments to provide safety for the children at all times.
  • Ensure a clean and healthy environment for all children (this requires you to do everyday cleaning as part of your duties).
  • Communicate with parents as delegated by the room supervisor or Director (talk to the parents about what their child has done throughout the day).
  • Perform incidental administrative duties (filling out accident/incident reports when necessary).
  • Attend to incidental cleaning and housekeeping associated with the individual and group activities, experiences and routines (this almost seems as what you spend most of the day doing, although it is a big part of occupational, health and safety).
  • As requested attend parent/staff meetings (staff meetings are held once a month at your childcare centre, usually after work hours. Parent meetings are held twice a year, depending on your centre).
  • As required carry out other duties that are within the knowledge, skills and capabilities of you as the worker.

Now I would like to invite any politician out there to come and try doing our job fully in all it’s capacity for $21.22 per hour full time we will see then who is a harder worker shall we.

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What a Cluster F***

I’m siting here crying into my coffee with the realisation that our health system in rural Queensland is fatally flawed when in the last six months you have gone to three different doctors each one sending you to get blood tests for everything the second one diagnoses you with Hypothyroidism puts you on 50mg’s of Thyroxine after 2 months you go back to see second doctor because you still feel unwell but he isn’t available so you see another doctor no 3 who gets you to do another blood test which comes back “normal” and asks more about the symptoms your having and says it sounds like you have both Hyper and Hypo so I ask can I see a specialist and he says yes and supposedly refers me to what I thought was a Thyroid specialist at the hospital which after ringing them and ringing them every week for the last month or more and kept getting told ring back in a week and half and we go there today to see what the problem is and why I haven’t got a booking yet it’s because doctor no 3 didn’t send it through properly not only he didn’t send it through or if he did he sent it to a Bowel specialist surgeon nothing to even do with Thyroid problems and that I’m not even on any waiting list at all because I don’t exist even in their system and there isn’t even a Endocrinologist (thyroid specialist) at all in Mackay there was when the mining boom was on but now that there is no money here in the town he left. So now I have to seek help 9.5 hours away for how long I don’t know to get sorted because they can’t help me in the town I have been living in for the past 5 years which I just can’t believe on the other hand I have spoken to a few friends on Facebook who have gone through what I am currently and they have told me going back to Cairns is the way to go as they have all seen fantastic doctors up there and are all now fixed and back to living their lives which once again gives me hope and restores my faith in humanity which the doctors had made me really contemplate and loose faith in.


OMG I Have Done It Again :)

I just was going through my E-mails this morning and low and behold I have won another prize here is what I have won:

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children prize pack valued at $100, including:
1. One copy of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children DVD.
2. Official Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children merchandise.
3. One copy of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children book (published by Penguin Random House).
4. Girl Lane Hair Sparkle Shine Spray.
5. Mission Food packaged food items.
6. Peculiar socks x 4 pairs.
7. Candles x 3.
8. Lollipops x 4.

I’m so happy as I haven’t seen the movie and I think I might invite the Neighbors and their kids over to watch it for our viewing party and take a picture and send it before the 9th of Jan so I could then go in the draw to win a pair of Emma’s boots from the movie.

I love that it’s a Tim Burton directed movie as I have been a huge fan of his work since he did Edward Scissorhands and I think he is fantastic.

I love that I am winning things as it’s making me feel better about my current health situation it’s making me feel happy even if it’s for a little while and I feel more confident and I feel like I have a purpose at the moment when things in my life health wise are not so good.

Fresh Winner Brony 🙂


This is what is planned for our January this year for me I will be resting and taking it very easy unless by some miracle I get to see my Thyroid Specialist and he discovers the answers to my problems so until then I will be catching up on all my fave Tv shows and movies on Netflix and Foxtel (thanks to my darling man for working hard and providing these luxury’s for us) I also will be listening to Spotify which has been a blessing to have when I have my really bad days and can’t get out of bed.

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As for my man he will be very busy working starting tomorrow for a couple of days he has to clean an entire house from top to bottom as now he is also a property manager for his work along with a huge number of other job titles (too many to mention them all) he has to partake in and not get overtime for (but gets to bank up holidays which is a stretch to get when he is needed maybe not valued enough in my opinion) in his forever changing and added extra to all the time Job. My man on top of all this has to take care of me and our house as I can’t do much at the moment being unwell.

On the 22nd of January is my darling mans 47th birthday so we will be celebrating his birthday by going out to our fave restaurant The Rice Buffet and then maybe to see a movie depending on what’s on and how I’m feeling as I can’t seem to go past 9 pm at night before I hit the wall and have to go to bed to sleep.

Here is what’s on the menu at our fave place to eat The Rice Buffet:


The End.


Happy New Year :)

Happy New Year my fellow bloggers I only have one wish this year and that is to get better I’ve been unwell now for six months I’m still waiting to see my Endocrinologist I hope this year is going to be better than the last (I always have hope in my heart otherwise life isn’t worth it without hope). Sending love and hugs to you all may all your dreams and wishes come true on this roller coaster ride I call life.

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Brony oxox.