Part Of The Problem

I have known this has been a big problem in my stepsons life since he was little when he would come to us for visitation weekends (every second weekend) and he would wake up in tears and screaming from nightmares from movies (like Chucky at age 3, Saw at age 8, The Kingsman at age 11 ) he would watch these inappropriate movies with his mother and sister (who is 7 years older than him). Each time his father and I would be horrified that he had been allowed to view/watch these disgusting and disturbing materials and there is nothing we could do (apart from already discussing all issues including these with his mother in several meditations which failed every time because it’s not a refection of her behaviours and her parenting and we have talked to my stepson till we are blue in the face about how inappropriate these movies are and not to watch them if he doesn’t want to) because his mother had custody and the right to raise him as she sore fit and that was to be his “friend” and not his parent.

Image result for when children watch inappropriate movies imagesImage result for when children watch inappropriate movies images

It has become very clear to me after watching  DEADPOOL (which my stepsons sister took him to see last year when he was 12 and once again we didn’t know till after the fact when stepson had told us he’s already seen it we looked at the reviews at the time and were appalled once again that his mother had let her son see this type of movie) for only maybe 10 minutes or so when (Wade and Vanessa are comparing how bad their lives are and Wade confides he had been molested by his uncle and Vanessa counters that she had been molested by multiple uncles and that they took turns) (anyone who knows my past would know why this was a point of no return for me and why it upset me so and to stop watching the rest of the movie) just how much of a problem viewing/watching this content has become and how much it has influenced his current behaviour (which is in the toilet at present) and why he is using the worst swear words in history and saying them with such anger it’s scary and no wonder he is being disrespectful to the women in his lives (including me) It’s partly because he is allowed to view/watch such content and not only allowed but it’s deemed as :”funny” and “acceptable” behaviour in his household.

My stepson needs a lot of help at current and I’m not sure how to do that when we are only in his life for school holidays it’s very hard and sad that this is how it is for my stepson and others seem to think that this is in the best interest of the child.

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