What Is Your Fave Xmas Presents ?

When I was writing yesterdays blog about what I want from Santa it got me thinking back to what favourite pressies I got as a child and now as a adult and here they are:

Child: Image result for rainbow brite bicycle

At 7 years old I got this Xmas pressie a beautiful Rainbow Brite push bike I rode it around and around our cane farm house we had a dirt road that went all the around our half quarter property I think I drove everyone mad with me ringing the bell every time I went past my family and extended family out in the front yard lol. I remember giving my mum a hard time at lunch time because I didn’t want to stop riding my bike even to eat which for me meant I loved my bike more than food which was a big deal and it probably was the fastest I had ever eaten too as even to this day I eat very slowly which I know frustrates people who eat fast I just can’t unless it’s dessert lol.

Image result for baby born doll

At 8 years old  I got this Xmas pressie a baby born I loved it because it could do all the things a baby does cry, laugh, pee, poo and you could feed it and give it a bottle with real liquids that came out the other end lol ( a few years later I let my friend play with it and she decided and convinced me to put real dog poo in my baby born and lets just say that was the demise of my baby born lol). Little did I know that this would be a precursor to my real career later in life as a Childcare Educator and will have to look after real live babies/children/teens who do a lot more than a baby born does lol.

Honourable mentions: I also loved receiving video games and clothes as well. Any clothes I would get I would wear for Christmas day.


My  favourite Xmas presents now as a Adult are Video Games and Clothes and I also like gift cards because you get to choose what you need/want. I also have always been very grateful for anything I would receive as I know that there is other children and adults out there in the world who would be lucky to get water and food or even be alive on Christmas day and I know how blessed I am to have all of that and much more.

Image result for video games

Image result for clothes images

Image result for gift cards images

My Rad Bloggers What was/is your favourite Xmas Presents you got from Santa when you were a Child and now as a a Adult ?

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