Happy 13th Anniversary :)

13 years years ago I was out for our Christmas party with my work mates, daycare kids parents and friends combined my winggirls  (I still keep in contact with them all via Facebook). One of my work mates Angie had to call into where her boyfriends xmas party was to say hello to him so we all went to a bar called The Mad Cow in Cairns. Angie went over to her boyfriend Wes and us girls went to the dance floor to dance a few minutes later Angie comes over grabbing me by the hand and says you have to meet John he is a really nice guy so feeling all excited I go with her to meet this John guy she introduced us and we started talking it turned out he was from the same little town Gordonvale that we both grew up in he told me used to be a mechanic at Trembath’s and that he used to service my whole family’s cars and I told him that I used to go there with my family to pick the cars up he said to me “where did your family hide you in the basement” lol. We kept on talking we found out that we both were into computers and gaming and he bought me a drink because he was looking after his works money for drinks we kept talking then we went for a dance then I needed a drink of water and then he asked me if he could take me for a walk along the esplanade he gave the money to Wes and we went for a walk and some more talking it turned out that his sister and my best friend used to go to girl guides together and were friends which spun me out. After walking and talking we got to the end of the esplanade and John said he had to go to the toilet (we both had few to drinks lol) so off he went I stood there waiting which seemed like forever (a few weeks later I found out why he went down to the sand and couldn’t get back up lol I’m glad he did in the end) he came back to me and we decided to walk back to Macca’s to catch a taxi while we waited for the taxi we exchanged our phone numbers (I couldn’t keep my eye’s off his beautiful eye’s they were amazing) the taxi came I asked him where he lived he said Woree I said I’m at Mooroobool it’s on the way why don’t you came with me (smart thinking so he knew where I lived hehehe). So I got home and said goodbye to him with a kiss on the cheek and he left for his place I walked in the door and told my mum all about him and that I think he maybe the ONE mum. We went on several dates over the next week (the first one he took me on was to Mondo’s it’s one of the most expensive restaurants in Cairns he told me about his son and everything he needed to tell me and to ask if I wanted to leave and never see him again he would understand unbenounced to him my workmate Ange had filled me in before hand so I had time to think about it and know about it. I was relived he told me the truth as my previous relationship was full of lies from my ex.) We saw each other for a year and then he asked me to move in and the rest is history. Image result for love emoji

I know what I want to ask Santa for Xmas this year and that is to get better. What do you want to ask Santa for this year ?

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