This Is Utterly Ridiculous



This is a ginormous problem here in Australia and it’s not viable for our government to keep giving fists full of cash out to people who are using and abusing our way to generous system we have here. It’s destroying our “Lucky” country and turning generations of our people into sponges soaking up all our very hard working taxpayers money and it has to stop before we have no money left to support the people who honestly really need the money and are not going to just piss it up against the wall because they feel “entitled” to spend their  sorry our governments money until the cows come home.

On our 9.5ish hour drive home from Cairns to Mackay with my stepson yesterday when we stopped at Townsville to get fuel and lunch my stepson says to me “I don’t know which thing I want when I get older a car, a boat or a motorbike they all “only” cost $100,000 I just can’t decide which one I want” My reply was ” Well judging by your current school marks your going to be “lucky” to get $100 to spend on things because you will be lucky to get maybe $250 a fortnight on the dole unless you can improve on your schooling which I hope you do and get a high paying job like a doctor or lawyer then you will be able to spend your well earned money on whatever your heart desires because that’s what you deserve the best in life “.  I asked him if he knew what his report card said he said I don’t know so I told him because I don’t keep information from him I’m very honest with him his reaction was I don’t care so I said “oh well you won’t care when you can’t afford your “only” $100,000 luxury item then will you”.

I agree with Pauline Hanson about that more money needs to be invested in the family law courts because why is it that the full custodial parent is allowed to let their child fail in life and become so dependant upon the system by their needy and controlling ways and that’s fine with our current system. It’s supposed to be “What’s in the best interest of the child” isn’t it and if that’s missing 62 days off school for the year and failing miserably going with out food and sleep at times has one uniform for the year and not getting the required medical/dental help needed then it’s job well done family law courts for giving his mother custody of my stepson she has turned him into a outstanding member of our society and my stepson is thriving in life NOT (I wish he was and we had nothing to complain about then we all would be a lot happier and that’s what I want for my stepson is to be happy and have the best in life (because I love him very much) which he is currently clearly not and that is what makes me sad)..


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