What Are We To Do ?

Well we just got my stepsons report card and I wish I could say it was the best one so far but unfortunately it’s the worst yet and I’m afraid it’s only going to get harder for him from here on in here’s the run down for the second semester grade 8:

ENGLISH  C   Effort: Satisfactory Behaviour: Needs Attention

MATHEMATICS   D   Effort: Needs Attention Behaviour: Needs Attention

SCIENCE  D    Effort: Needs Attention Behaviour: Needs Attention

GEOGRAPHY   D    Effort: Needs Attention Behaviour: Needs Attention

HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION C    Effort: Needs Attention Behaviour: Needs Attention

MEDIA ARTS   E  Effort: Needs Attention Behaviour: Needs Attention

TECHNOLOGY  D  Effort: Needs Attention Behaviour: Satisfactory

JAPANESE   D   Effort: Needs Attention Behaviour: Satisfactory

He shows interest in his class work but sometimes needs reminders and supervision to complete a task to the required standard.(Stepson’s name) behaves in a satisfactory manner only when closely supervised. That’s the overall comment made on the report card.

Now here is the reason why he is failing dismally is he has missed a total of 62 days off school and there are 16 unexplained absences total for the year. We have in the past written his mother letters asking her to make sure she sends him to school get him the care he needs in all areas nothing happens we have gone to several mediation’s with his mother to talk about his health, well being and schooling and nothing happens we have gone to the dept of child safety with our concerns and nothing happens we have asked the police about our concerns and nothing happens we have gone to the school itself and nothing happens my mother in law wrote a letter to the minister of education (who’s a politician) and nothing happens my man is fed up with paying child support ($768 per month currently) for these disgraceful results.

This is what happens when parent is the “friend” and not the parent she has never enforced any rules whatsoever (except to have “fun” as long as you are having “fun” that’s all that matters ) you are allowed to run riot and do what you want when you want so no bed times no allocated meal times which is usually fast food lack of medical and dental care and lack of sleep which causes lack of concentration (as I am currently experiencing myself due to my illness) What makes me mad is my stepson is always ringing us wanting not needing things which are expensive like a new graphics card for his computer (which is only a year old and he is lucky to have it because his mother paid for half (the first time she has helped pay for anything) and we paid the other half ) and yet he isn’t performing to our level that we set him to receive such things (which was to at least pass English and Maths and maybe Science and miss less than 5 days off school each term) It’s so frustrating to see someone you love dearly struggling through school because of his mothers bad choices and lack of parenting skills and you feel helpless to help him which we have tried to over the years by buying workbooks for English and Maths for him to work on when we have him for school holidays but when a child tells you reading and writing is dumb (where does he get that from I wonder) and I’m on holidays I’m not doing homework on the holidays it makes things incredibly difficult.

Looks like we are going to have yet another great Christmas now aren’t we NOT I just don’t know what to do to help him anymore I feel like we are just hitting our head against a brick wall..

2 thoughts on “What Are We To Do ?

  1. Not the worst report card I have seen, you should have seen mine 😉 are there no social workers or the education department involved, hope something gets sorted before he starts the build up to his final exams

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  2. Thank You what’s is scary is that it’s definitely way worse than mine was at least I always passed English and Maths which is the bench mark set by my parents and my behaviour was always exemplary my fall down was my health and as I now know having a auto immune illness is hard to combat. We will be taking matters hopefully further in the new year see if the departments will listen to us this time finger crossed. We had a big discussion in the car with him on the way home yesterday I told him we have done to every dept and had you in private school until your mother pulled you out because she wasn’t sending you there and she was getting into trouble for not sending you no one want’s to help us help you so I now put it to you What can you do for your future it’s up to you to now help yourself. He had no reply.


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