Merry Xmas Fraudsters

This is what annoys me about all this is that these people on the dole lie about their current income and circumstances (relationships) and scam to get maximum payments from the government. If your on a “single” parent pension and you meet a women/man and move them in and the new girlfriend/boyfriend has a job and they help prop up the supposed “single” parent pensioner for a few years and then one day you get caught out by Centerlink that you aren’t in fact “single” and you get your dole payments cut so you move the girlfriend/boyfriend back out to be supposed “single” again but that doesn’t actually mean they have split up they could be still propping up that “single” parent pensioner it just means that they are no longer living together. The other thing is most dole recipients use sites like Ebay, Gumtree and buy swap sell to sell there things (even their children’s) to get more money which is not declared I have even seen on Facebook people swapping food/clothing etc items for free so when they say I can’t afford to feed my family that’s a load of BS it really is.

Here is a clip for those dole bludgers who say they can’t afford food for their children (even milk apparently according to a teen I know who says “wow are you getting ready for a apocalypse” every time he opens our and his grandparents pantry’s). All they have to do is stop smoking, drinking, eating fast food and gambling and save some money and they too could be savvy with their food and other shopping. So lets raise a glass (I wish mine will be filled with water, cordial, juice, coffee or milo) and say Merry F***ing Christmas Fraudsters I hope the Karma Dog comes and bites you on the arse (ooh I’m Evil lol).

I wish I could have my old life back I would give anything right now to have it back. I loved having a job and contributing to society and to myself I could go shopping and buy whatever I needed/wanted I could help with paying bills or the food shopping I hate having to depend on others it’s very frustrating not to be able to help in any way I hope one day I will be better and can payback my man ten fold for all his unconditional love and support etc through this horrible time. I’m so blessed to have him in my life and he truly is my hero.

2 thoughts on “Merry Xmas Fraudsters

  1. We have the very same problems over here, we work hard and don’t seem to get any further forward and there is this huge group of people who do nothing but seem to get alsorts
    I’m sure your man wants no payback just you well again x

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  2. Thank You again it’s very frustrating especially when you see young children growing up having the same mentality and ideals as there dole bludging parent/s already thinking of ways to spend the governments money that is somehow owed to them. That’s true I just feel so bad for him having to do everything for me and for himself and his son when we have him at the same time 😦


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