Not Happy Jan

Well I rang the hospital which is where the specialist is I had to find the correct number because the one my doctor gave me was wrong then I had to go through press 1 for this service process finally get though to the specialist’s receptionist I ask about my referral and guess what they didn’t receive it so I ring my doctors office and the receptionist informs me that it was sent the day I was there last Tues so she then faxed the referral to the specialist grr what a rigmarole that was so hard for me to do all that as I’ve been getting anxiety so I finally get the courage to ring and all this happens I’m not happy Jan.

2 thoughts on “Not Happy Jan

  1. Thank You I sure hope so too it’s very frustrating because the blood test say I’m normal but I know I’m not starting to feel like I’m crazy. I’m ringing them back today to see if they have the referral I was going to ring back yesterday but i was too angry to do so.


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