Not Happy Jan

Well I rang the hospital which is where the specialist is I had to find the correct number because the one my doctor gave me was wrong then I had to go through press 1 for this service process finally get though to the specialist’s receptionist I ask about my referral and guess what they didn’t receive it so I ring my doctors office and the receptionist informs me that it was sent the day I was there last Tues so she then faxed the referral to the specialist grr what a rigmarole that was so hard for me to do all that as I’ve been getting anxiety so I finally get the courage to ring and all this happens I’m not happy Jan.


What Gets You Through The Night ?

I woke up at 2:00 am this morning with intense period pain due to this crazy roller coaster ride that my Thyroid is taking me on I got up and somehow in the dark found the Ibuprofen I took two quietly with some water not to wake my man up from his very peaceful slumber and went back to bed I tossed and turned for awhile then got up and I went on the computer which is in my stepsons room which I have been sleeping in while he is at his mothers house for school terms (not that he goes very often mind you) I did some more research on my symptoms then tried to go back to sleep but the pain was still intense so then I thought what else could I do (I know find some music to listen to that may put me back to sleep) .

So I went back online and went searching for one of my fave singers of all time Nina Simone I came to love her when I saw this movie called The Assassin which heavily features Miss Simone I ended up searching for Nina on Spotify I added all of my fave songs of hers and just listened to her soul soothing beautiful voice and drifted in and out of sleep until my man woke me up at 5:20 am as he was getting ready to go to work (god bless him) I went back into our big comfy bed and slept then until 6:57 am when my body clock tells me to get up even though I’m still so very tired. Here is a clip from the movie for you all to enjoy and Here is some Nina songs to listen to if you wish to. Thank you Nina for some much needed music medicine and I wish you were still with us on this earth so I could let you know how special you were.:)

So what gets you through the night ?

You’ve got to be in it to win it

Now for some good news I have been entering competitions when I am having a rare good not as tired day and I was going through my 5000 emails and I came across one that said The Strain – Access All Areas – Competition Winner and I won so I am getting 1 x copy of The Strain Season 1 on DVD I was so happy that I had finally won something the last time I had won something was when I was 23 I won tickets to see the Whitlams lol.

Strain, The - Season 1

My Health Update:

Well I went yesterday and got my last blood test results from last week and it looks like I have both Hypo and Hyper thyroid Under and Over active Thyroid but both are showing that they are normal levels but I am still showing symptoms of both which is strange because I had hypo first it usually goes the other way and not at the same time he also said I could just be stressed and tired and just need more sleep I get a possible 10 hours a night but not sure if I actually do he also asked me if I should go on anti depressants I sad no way I have seen and observed what they did to my stepson when he was put on Zoloft they turned him into a unemotional robot zombie he had no emotions what so ever I would rather feel down, sad, angry and at times happy than nothing at all and I did research on the side effects and was disgusted with what I found out and if you don’t take them right it could cause hallucinations and suicidal thoughts if you go off them and back on them again I asked if I had Cronic fatigue syndrome or Sleep apnea or Lupus he said he didn’t think so and then I asked if I could go to a specialist so he refereed me to a Endocrinologist so hopefully within a week I will have spoken with the specialist and will get some more comprehensive tests and hopefully some answers fingers crossed I am definitely one in a million and I think my new nick will be Uncommon Bronwyn lol oxox.