Broken System, Broken Society

This has been what I have known since I was a little girl at the age of seven living with children who have come from broken homes created by a broken system thus creating a broken society.

Why do governments give people incentives to sit on their bottoms and be and do nothing and yet when people try to succeed there are no incentives to keep trying to succeed after paying taxes and working hard for over 20 years the government should be giving something back to the people working hard and paying taxes e.g a holiday voucher or some money back some acknowledgement for trying to better themselves and be someone in this world and not be a burden on society.

The main reason I am writing this blog is to highlight the impact of what a broken system and broken society does to it’s children it’s hurts them, it breaks them, it destroys them and sometimes it changes them to be more and sometimes history repeats. What I do know is children either do what their parents do or they go completely against them.

I want this all to stop world the violence needs to stop (both men and women can be violent) I want the false allegations to stop and consequences given if these allegations are proven to be false (some women use domestic violence to gain access and custody of their children which also allows them to gain financially in receiving child support for the next 18 years why is this never said in the media and why can’t both parents be accountable for their children they both created their child/children they should be both paying for their child/children not just the non custodial parent (who pays whether they have the child/children in their care or not) and the custodial parent should be accountable for where that money goes (they don’t have to pay for the child/children when that child/children is not with them) it shouldn’t go on Alcohol, Cigarettes, Drugs, Fast food and Gambling. Stop being Selfish Vindictive Narcissists who only care about themselves (just because you have decided to be and do nothing with your lives doesn’t mean your children have to suffer and be and do the same) I can’t have children due to my Hypothyroidism I do know that if I could and did I would be helping my child succeed and would want the best for them.

I have been struggling with my invisible illness now since May this year I have been on my Thyroxine 50mgs meds for 7 weeks and they are not working as much as I thought they should they have helped reduce some symptoms but some are becoming more prevalent in the last week I have been experiencing more symptoms. Symptom 1 the other night I kept waking up with a jolt which was really scary and strange and every time I went to go back to sleep it would happen again and again all night leaving me severely fatigued the next day/s. Symptom 2 I have been getting the feeling of butterflies in my stomach for no reason (Anxiety). Symptom 3 I have been breaking out with severe acne/pimples I can currently count ten on my forehead at this moment and they are really sore and awful. Symptom 4 when I went to the doctors last he asked me if I was depressed I said I don’t know because I don’t think I have ever been depressed but since being on the tablets I have had days where I feel depressed. I went to doctor google (who is a lot cheaper than a real one) to research all these symptoms and yes they are all to do with my under active thyroid yeah not.

Update: I went and got another blood test (one of many in my future) last week to hopefully get my new dosage of meds I am waiting to hear from my doctor to get the results back which hopefully will give me my life back because I am sick of sitting on my bottom being and doing nothing this was not my choice and I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy not that I have many of those.

2 thoughts on “Broken System, Broken Society

  1. Thanks Seb I appreciate that. I just wish I could swap bodies with my man so he could feel what I feel I know he is as frustrated with this as much as I am but he needs to be patient with me there is no cure for this only relief through medication I didn’t ask for this I’m trying to deal with this the best I can.


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