Say You Won’t Let Go

This is the New No 1 song here in Australia on the Aria Charts it’s a beautiful song about love and how even when your old and your love passes away you will always hold on to the memories and that they will be with you forever.

I’m sorry if this is a bit depressing but I have to talk about this. This song is very relevant to me in light of what has happened in the past few days I lost another of my school friends her name was Crystal it’s very sad she was only 38 and left behind her two teenage children she was beautiful inside and out (always smiling) she would do anything for anyone (she offered me and my man a place to stay at her place during a cyclone and I will never forget that) that’s the kind of person she was she would give you the shirt off her back or a place to stay or whatever you needed. So I thought I would use this blog to honor those friends I have lost along the way gone but never forgotten:  Crystal, Nicky, David, Tania, Helen D,Vanessa, Dickie, Chanelle, Smithy, Helen O and Gavin. There are alot more to honor grandparents, friends of mum and dad and my brothers. You all are always in my heart with love and fond memories and I won’t let go until my last breath I promise. So anyone out there pick up your mobile phone and call a friend and tell them you love them as it maybe their last day on this earth.

Over the last few days talking to friends on Facebook and sharing memories of Crystal seeing a school photo of us all in grade 5 made me think back to my childhood and all the things I loved got me thinking what my favourite cartoon character was mine was Felix the cat because I love cats I also loved Tom and Jerry too. What was your fave cartoon character as a child ? Image result

My Health Update: I haven’t been online much in the past few months as I haven’t been very well my new meds haven’t been working as well as I thought they would I have notice a few things are slightly better but I’m still very tired all the time so I’m going again to get another blood test today to hopefully find out what level meds I need to feel better and so I can get on with my life because life is to short to be tired and just sitting around and doing nothing.

Brony oxox.

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