What Earthquake ?


I was sitting watching Netflix yesterday as I was feeling sick again while I was in my Netflix Coma lol my chair was shaking my head was shaking the wall and door behind me was shaking I thought it was me because I was feeling sick lol. I got up and checked the room to make sure all the windows were intact because the noise sounded like a freight train going past like what you hear when there’s a cyclone which is what I thought it was because we have been having massive wind and rain over the past few days I thought nothing more of it and continued with my Netflix Coma lol. Then put the news on and saw that it was a Earthquake I thought holy shit that’s what that was lol. I rang everyone in my family and my two besties most were like what earthquake lol.

Update: At 6:45 am this morning I was asleep in bed when I woke up to my bedroom door shaking and that freight train/wind rushing past for a minute I thought I was dreaming then I realised that’s the same sound as the other day. On the radio on Sunday the news said there could be more aftershocks at least I now know what it sounds like to know what it is lol.

Aftershocks continue to be felt in the wake of Thursday's 5.8 magnitude earthquake off Bowen.

2 thoughts on “What Earthquake ?

  1. We do really get earthquakes in the UK but I remember growing up my brothers and I where fighting and mucking about in our rooms and we had magnitude 5 earthquake I remember vividly our mum yelling up the stairs what the bloody hell have you lot done now 🙂 wasn’t till we went to school that morning that we found out about the earthquake


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