Cold Water

This is the new No 1 song on our Aria Charts here in Australia this week. It’s a very calming, relaxing and optimistic song. I think it’s a wonderful collaboration between these three very cool artist’s.

Now I know a lot of people out there love cold water whether it’s to drink or swim in but for me personally I like to drink tap water at room temperature because when I drink cold water it makes my throat go funny and phlegmy it’s worse after eating something hot too I’ve been like that my whole life. It’s the same with cold showers I would rather a steaming hot shower over a cold one even in a hot summer the only exception is to swim in but only in summer I would never swim in a cold pool in winter unless it was really heated lol.

The other thing I don’t like that is cold in winter is a toilet seat there is nothing worse than going to the water closet and having to sit on a cold toilet seat we have a carpeted mat for our feet but nothing for our cheeks when needing to go to the loo. I know you can buy a toilet seat heater but for a proper electric one it will set you back hundreds which at the moment I just don’t have so I will be putting this on my one day wish list for sure lol.

Over the last week my man has been upgrading all our computers and laptops old and new to Window’s 10 and I’m quite happy to report that so far it has been a easy transition from windows 7 I can still do my searches on the internet and within the computer itself and change the desktop background image to what I like. I’m still working out a few things with usb stick formats and conversions to use it from computer to tv I still am yet to look at the new streaming with the xbox thing not sure if I have the patience right now for that maybe one day lol. I’m off to have a drink of not so cold water 🙂

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