My Ultimate Holiday Bash Dream

If you could have a ultimate holiday bash dream what would it be mine would have to have something to do with gaming, movies, celebrities and fun so to start with I would go to: 

This would cover all of my categories I don’t know who I would get dressed up as but it would be a lot of fun I’d be really happy to meet at least one celeb. Next on my list is:

While I’m in California I would call in here for some rides and movie themed fun then it would be off to :

New York to Broadway not sure which musical I would go and see cause I love them all. Then last but not least I would be off to:

Here I would live out one of my all time dreams to play Black Jack in Vegas my Dad taught me to play when I was 5 I used play Black Jack at the Casino when I lived in Cairns when I turned 18 I only play for free online now as it’s not a good habit to have when you want to save money and to pay your mortgage and bills off.

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