In My Blood

I’m very happy that the twins from Brisbane Australia have done it again they have topped the Aria charts yet again I have loved these two from the beginning of their career and I think it’s fantastic they are still going strong as soon as I heard this song I knew it would be a hit I couldn’t stop singing it and it’s in my head when I go to bed lol.

Lisa and Jess always make me wish I had a twin they are always together and are so close and best of all make the coolest songs and music together. How cool would it be to have someone look and dress like you would you do that all the time or would you get sick of being the same and dressing the same ? (I don’t know about you but it would be fun to rock a flaming red wig together lol.) I wonder if you were a twin would you dress the same or would you want your own identity ?

I went to high school with twins and I’m proud to call them my friends they were always together and dressing the same even when we weren’t having to wear school uniforms and to this day they are the same and they are the most beautiful and kind girls you would ever meet with a heart of gold they both look after foster children (prior to this they both were childcare directors) the last I saw the girls they had 6 siblings living with them and I think it’s great that they don’t have any children of their own so they can dedicate 100% to theses children and not inflict anything onto their own flesh and blood.

I saw this on the tv the other day and thought wow that’s another cool thing for being a twin amazing really and what are the odds of that and such a special moment and memory and story for future generations to come fantastic.

My Health Update: I haven’t been on for the past 3 weeks as I am still suffering with fatigue and we have been busy with school holidays for the past two weeks with a teen who has been a bit hard to handle on and off. I’m hopping to get some more tests done on myself to find out what is going on with me.

2 thoughts on “In My Blood

  1. Good song don’t think I’ve heard this over hear in the UK, but I have not been listening to the radio the last couple of weeks so I’m a bit out of touch, twins have always fascinated me, I went to school with twin sisters, watching them sometimes you would think they where one person
    Have you looked into allergies for your fatigue, an old friend of mine who was a window cleaner found he had an allergic reaction to tea, once he cut it out he felt that much better he sold his business and moved to Spain


  2. Yeah The Veronica’s have topped the charts for the second week in row now which is fantastic they are brilliant in my eyes I love them this song is there 3rd no 1 here in Aus. Same here they think and feel the same it would be amazing to have a twin. Wow tea I have never heard of anyone being allergic to tea anything is possible with allergies though and cleaning products can be harmful too what a life changing thing to go through for your friend it never occurred to me that a allergy to something could cause fatigue thank you I will def be looking into that for sure with me anything is possible 🙂


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