Meat For a Week

This is my man John on May 7th he went down to our local Coles at Rural View to get some groceries for the weekend and our local favourite radio station Hot Fm Mackay was there having there open broadcast day with competitions (you could win $500 cash, a colouring comp for the kidlets which you could win a year of Ma’s kitchen pizzas and guess how much an item costs which is the one John entered he went up against a lady she went first the item was a four pack of drumstick icecreams she said $7 the radio station said that’s not correct John what do you think the price is my man being who he is which is a very savvy shopper and he has a photographic memory which helps said $5 the announcer Johnno said to him you guessed that to the cent you win a meat tray) they also had a jumping castle and free pizza for everyone what a great day it was.

This got me thinking about what I have won in the past which was tickets to see the whitlams years ago when I lived in Cairns I entered online just with my name and address and won.  

I will put the question out to you all What have you won and What did you have to do to win ? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Meat For a Week

    1. Thanks Neil we froze most of it in separate freezer bags. We had the snags the first night there were 10 of them, 4 eye fillet steaks, 6 lamb chops and 4 mince patties Yummy indeed 🙂


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