Your Ultimate Celebrity Dinner Party ?

Like me you would probably have some favourite celebs in your head that you fantasize/admire/be inspired by so this got me thinking if I could invite any celeb dead or alive or fictional who would I invite and why.

Well lets start with the entertainment I would have Usher (he is hot and he can sing and dance) and AC/DC (with or without Axl Rose I would prefer Brian Johnson but would understand if he couldn’t make it 😦 lets bring back Bon Scott they could sing together 🙂 ) to cater to my love of pop and also rock music.


That’s the entertainment sorted now for who would cook the Entree’s, Dinner and Dessert I would have Curtis Stone ( he is an Aussie and he knows Oprah so you would get not only great food but good conversation from him ) to do the Entree’s ( Mixed Bruschetta) and the Dinner (Chargrilled steak w chips & vegetables) but not the dessert that would be up to Willy Wonka preferably the Johnny Depp version and I almost forgot the Oompa-Loompas (they can clean up after dinner and sing songs too hehe ( I love chocolate and sweets of all kinds so who better than him to bring his yummy and interesting ideas to the table so to speak)


That’s the food sorted now for the guests ( this for me is the tricky part as I have had lots of celebrity crushes in my life lol.) I will start with my faves from childhood/teenage years  Corey Feldman Christian Slater and Lou Diamond Phillips.

Corey Feldman Picture Christian Slater Picture

Now for some of my recent fave celebrity crushes Orlando Bloom Stephen Moyer and his wife Anna Paquin ( I do admire her and am a huge fan of True Blood gone but not forgotten 😦 ) They can bring their blended family to meet my blended family Awww Sweet.


It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t invite my man’s fave Celebrity’s too so I would invite along Delta Goodrem and Rihanna.


That’s my Ultimate Celebrity Dinner Party please let me know in the comments section below what is your Ultimate Celebrity Dinner Party ? Cheers Brony 🙂



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