Growing Up

Like most people in this world as children you see things different to adults and my childhood taught me lot of things the good,the bad and down right ugly. The good unconditional love from family and friends even when I didn’t think they did love me. The Bad how people judge you by your home life and circumstances. The down right ugly getting physically and emotionally abused by people who don’t understand what you go through everyday at home or at school. At the age of 7 my parents decided to be foster parents which changed my life forever at times it was fun and happy and at other times absolute hell. The one thing going through my childhood I take with me everyday is that if you are breathing it’s a good day and seeing other children going through their worst puts that into perspective. Seeing children in poverty made me realize I didn’t want that for my life I wanted the best life could have and when I got pocket money I would save it up I had to get creative in hiding the money living with lots of people money and possessions would go missing or broken. I like to call myself a survivor in this game called life and I hope I continue to survive till I’m old and grey.

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