Valentine 2020

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I know it’s a few days late it has been a busy few days on Friday the 14th I spent the day Supporting my friend NatoPotato with his bushfire relief charity. As a community we raised $1390 to support the cause.

When John got home that night he suprised me with this:

He also bought me some foods too:


I love eating coleslaw on toast for breakkie 🙂

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He knows I love white chocolate 🙂

Then on Saturday we had to get out of the house as we had no power for 8 hours due to maintenence so we went shopping it was my first time in a year for me as it’s hard to go out with my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome John held my hand for most of the morning as I then can use his engery to be more mobile and faster with walking we ended up spending 4 hours at the shops I went looking for microphones and gaming chairs for my stream but only walked out with a t shirt which I fell in love with as soon as I saw it 🙂 We then went and had Subway for lunch and then returned home to wait for the power to come back on.

So because I has such a big day out on Saturday yesterday my body payed me back big time pretty much leaving me exhausted to the point of not being able to move much at all for the whole day so I just listened to Spotify and played some Hearthstone until I couldn’t anymore and then watched the fire fight australia concert until bed time.

My fave acts were:

Ronan Keating, Tina Arena, Alice Cooper, 5sos and of course Queen 🙂

I hope you all had a Brilliant Valentine’s day 🙂

Spies in Disguise prize unboxing

So on Friday my prize turned up but I didn’t open it until Saturday on my stream on Twitch here is the unboxing and a bit of me playing Journey of life 🙂

Watch Highlight: Spies in Disguise prize unboxing and games ? from Dudachicken on

Music note design element in doodle style

February 2020

Pink banner with hearts and text february. Eps 10 vector file.

This is what is on for this February 2020:

On Saturday the 1st we are going to the movies as:

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Movie tickets have arrived 😁🎬

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My Friend Vegavortexcn is doing a 24 hour charity event for Beyond Blue on Twitch on the 14th the details are below:… #vegabeyondblue I would appreciate anyone out there to help my friend Vega and this Dynamite charity whether be with dono’s or just with support in his stream or just getting the word out Thank You 🙂

It’s my brothers bday on the 18th Happy Birthday Matty I hope you have a Brilliant day 🙂

As for me I am awaiting the rest of my Spies in Disguise prize pack I am hoping it arrives today so I can do a Unboxing Stream on Sunday the 2nd of Feb otherwise it will be next week when it turns up keep a eye out in my Discord as to when I will be doing the Unboxing 🙂

Blinding Lights

If you don’t like the sight of blood don’t watch the following music video:

This is the new and first No 1 single on the Aria charts for 2020 Blinding Lights by The Weeknd has blown past Tones and I’s Dance Monkey after 21 weeks at the top to take pole position. I think this song is Brilliant it’s produced by Somesuch and has hit the Top 30 USA.

As for me lately I have been not liking Blinding lights and certain loud sounds I have had a infliction to them since being diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I-Spy some super prizes!

Keep your binoculars on the lookout. Trust no one, not even the birds. This month to celebrate the release of Spies In Disguise we have five super-secret prize packs to keep your little agents happy these holidays.

Included in each prize pack is a Button Badge, Mini Sticker book, Activity set, Multicolour pen, Backpack and a double pass to see Spies In Disguise. This competition is a short one so get in fast!

I-Spy some super prizes!

So I entered this competition and guess what I won it I got confirmation this morning on Facebook of my win 🙂 Today has been so far a Dynamite monkey magic day 🙂 and I love Will Smith 🙂

All I Want For Christmas Is You Again 2020

Well for the second year in a row All I want for Christmas is you went to No 1 on the Aria charts for Christmas week knocking Tones and I’s Dance Monkey off the pedestal for a week.

Here is the All I want for Christmas Experience on Spotify:

I love Christmas clothing this shirt would be wonderfully fantastic to wear on Christmas day I would want a chicken instead of a elephant though lol.

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I love Christmas music I used to sing in a choir and we would go around singing Christmas songs at the Shopping Centres and hotels etc:

I wanted to do this blog last week but we had 5 days of storms and heavy rain in our region and so I thought because I lost my internet last year due to storms hitting the house and zapping our modem that this time I would unplug everything including the phone line from the wall socket well that was my mistake this year as when I went to plug the phone line back into the wall socket the wall socket went into the wall itself so I have had no internet for this last week. I hope you all had a wonderfully fantastic Christmas and New Year.

December 2019

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This month is probably one of the most full on months of the year for us (and probably for most people in the world).

John’s starts this weekend with a trip up north he has to drive his car up on Fri and then drive a big truck back for his work on Sun which for us is a bonus because we get to bring some furniture out of storage and back here for our home.

Then next weekend is John’s Xmas party we are going to be staying in town at a Hotel for the night so we can enjoy ourselves at the party.

Then on the 20th I have two bdays to wish Happy bday to Belinda who was my boss back in the day who quickly became one of my dearest friends and Mizzjpg one of my Besties on Twitch you can catch her here I am one of her lucky Mods so you might see me in there too.

The 20th is also a very important date for John and I as this year we are celebrating our 16th anniversary and this year it will be just the two of us as my stepson has now got a job at Mcdonalds (I am still in shock over this news but very proud of him Welcome to the real world) which also means it will be our first Xmas together just the two of us in 16 years OMG.

John is also doing the Resource Managers job again for the Xmas Holidays I am soo proud of him.

Last weekend Mizz Celebrated her 500 followers 12 hour stream on Twitch it was Dynamite and insane. She did soo well I was very proud of her she ran a competition at the end of stream one my of dear friends Nightfall won the Comp but said to redraw it so then it got redrawn and then I won the comp which then Nightfall gifted me a game that I have been wanting for years ever since I played the very first one I was in hope that they would make a second one this is the game I got:

Thank You again Nightfall you are a Generous Bloody Legend and a Bootiful Soul to boot and I am very grateful to have you in my life. I will be streaming this as soon as it comes out and I get it downloaded 🙂

Today is going to be a very fun day I get to play World of Tanks with one of my fave peeps on Twitch Natopotato World of Tanks is a free game I have been playing it since Sunday and I’m loving it so far here is the link to the game if anyone is interested in blowing Tanks up:

Becasue it’s Xmas Party Season I thought I would feature one of my fave artists to party to Sean Paul. Here are my fave songs of his to play at Xmas Parties:

October 2019

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It has been a Dynamite and very busy October for us so far:

I got to go and visit one of my bestfriends on Twitch Moxxi aka Moxxion on the Queens bday weekend She was the ultimate hostess and she made some of the yummiest foods I have ever had (Beef Strogonoff with Potato Bake and Corned beef and veges) we watched some TV Shows and Movies together over the weekend. The Highlight though was getting to go to the Octoberfest together we didn’t go for the beer we went for the food and OMG it was to die for The first thing we had was this hotdog bun with cheesey beer in it lol with Cheese sauce on the side which we ended up using for the spicy Chicken wings and then we had Fully Loaded Hot Chippies with Pulled pork and sour cream and chives and then for dessert we had Chocolate Barvarian donuts. The Event was very Brite (I know that is spelt wrong it’s a Twitch thing lol) There were people dressed in thier German outfits all I could think of was the Movie European Vaction lol I did get to meet a guy dressed in a kilt who was actually a kiwi lol. On the last day together we did a short stream (while Watching NatoPotato lol ) on Twitch before I had to go I didn’t want to go I had soo much fun.

There is a few Bdays to celebrate in October My best friends husbands and my sister in laws on the 10th and then my Best Friends on the 17th so Happy Birthday again to all of you 🙂

As for John he has been very busy with his work he got to fill in for Two weeks as Second in charge in the Resource Managers position and he loved it and did soo well that everyone wanted him to stay in the position but sadly that can’t happen just yet. Last week he was in Brisbane with work this week he is out at Clermont and next week he is up in Cairns. He also got 3 Qubie Nominations for his hard work and effort I am sooo proud of him.

So for the next few days on and off it’s just me and my 3 cats I will be fine it’s just really hard when you have CFS everthing you do is a struggle when you have no energy and everything you do uses that energy but I am a survivor and I will use this time to myself wisely and maybe even do some weekend streams if I can 🙂

August 2019

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It has been a very eventful August my stepson is failing school yet again no surprise there and now he doesn’t want to come to us for school holidays because he wants to be with his friends because he is 16 this is where Child Support fails because we still have to pay for him until he is 18 regardless whether he is visiting us or not it’s his choice but we still get penalised for his decision. I don’t blame him I was able to be left at home by myself at 12 and make my own lunch and look after myself on occasion we can’t make him come to us if he doesn’t want to but the system says we have to pay more if we don’t have him like what the you know and then when he is 18 then his mother gets nothing so then they are on their own and used to getting extra every month how does this benefit them both long term it doesn’t it makes it harder because they haven’t been taught how to save for a decrease in money coming in so it sets them up to fail long term the system is sooo broken and needs to be fixed.

It was my nieces birthday on the 12th of August Happy Birthday again Sarah 🙂

My cat Squeakers almost died due to a blockage so we payed for him to get operated on and now we have to pay more for his special food for the rest of his life at least it fixed his peeing every where which is a positive outcome.

John had his last root canal done Thank God that is all over with.

The Dynamite news of the month is that John has been asked to do two weeks relief work for the second in charge Resource manager he has wanted to do this for 8 years since we moved here so he will be able to:

1. See what the job entails.

2. See if he can do it (which I know he will because there isn’t anything he can’t do).

3. See if he actually likes the position.

As for me I think I had a Bad Batch of food or something as I have been sick for the past week I was worried it was a relapse of my conditions Hypothyroidism and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but I think it was just a bug Thank God I got back into my modding last night and will do that again today and hopefully will be back streaming again soon too 🙂