Mirenesse Prize

I got a call from my sweet man the other night saying he has a delivery for me I asked him to opened it for me and this is what was inside:



I will try this when I get home ūüôā

My Health Update:

I went to see my¬†Endocrinologist on Wednesday it was so nice to see him in person and not through a Webcam through Telehealth He asked me a few questions and said he could see how hard I have been trying to get better and that I now have also been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He said there is no cure no tablets to take there’s no knowing if I will ever get better just listen to my body and don’t do to much as I may go backwards and he didn’t want that for me as I have come so far. Here is what the Syndrome is all about:

Chronic fatigue syndrome¬†(CFS), also referred to as¬†myalgic encephalomyelitis¬†(ME), is a medical condition characterized by¬†long-term fatigue¬†and other long-term symptoms that limit a person’s ability to carry out ordinary daily activities.[3][9]

While the cause is not understood, proposed mechanisms include biological, genetic, infectious and psychological.[1][7]¬†Diagnosis is based on a person’s symptoms because there is no confirmed diagnostic test.[5]¬†The¬†fatiguein CFS is not due to strenuous ongoing exertion, is not much relieved by rest and is not due to a previous medical condition.[10]¬†Fatigue is a common symptom in many illnesses, but the unexplained fatigue and severity of functional impairment in CFS is comparatively rare.[8]

There is no cure, with treatment being symptomatic.[4][11] No medications or procedures have been approved in the United States.[12] Evidence suggests that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and a gradual increase in activity suited to individual capacity can be beneficial in some cases.[4][5][6] In a systematic review of exercise therapy, no evidence of serious adverse effects was found, however data was insufficient to form a conclusion.[6]Some patient support groups have criticized the use of CBT and graded exercise therapy (GET).[13] Tentative evidence supports the use of the medication rintatolimod.[5] This evidence, however, was deemed insufficient to approve sales for CFS treatment in the United States.[14]

Estimates of the number of people with the condition vary from 7 to 3,000 per 100,000 adults.[7][8] About 836,000 to 2.5 million Americans and 250,000 people in the UK have CFS.[15][16] CFS occurs more often in women than in men and most commonly affects people between 40 and 60 years of age.[1] Two in 100 children are estimated to struggle with CFS, and it is more common in adolescents than younger children.[17] There is agreement that CFS has a negative effect on health, happiness and productivity, but there is also controversy over many aspects of the disorder. Physicians, researchers and patient advocates promote different names[18] and diagnostic criteria, while evidence for proposed causes and treatments is often contradictory or of low quality.[19

Signs and symptoms[edit]

The most widely referenced diagnostic criteria and definition of CFS for research and clinical purposes was published in 1994 by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).[20] The CDC currently recommends the following criteria for diagnosis:[21]

  1. Significantly lowered ability to participate in activities that were routine before the onset of the condition, and persisting more than six months
  2. Physical or mental activity causes worsening symptoms that would not have been problematic before the onset of the condition, (post-exertional malaise (PEM))
  3. Sleep problems

Additionally, one of the following symptoms must be present:[21]

  • Difficulty with thinking and memory
  • Worsening of problems with standing or sitting

Other common symptoms may include:[21]

  • Muscle pain, joint pain, and headache pain
  • Tender lymph nodes in the neck or armpits
  • Sore throat
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Night sweats
  • Sensitivities to foods, odors, chemicals, or noise

The CDC proposes that persons with symptoms resembling those of CFS consult a physician to rule out several treatable illnesses:¬†Lyme disease,[22]¬†“sleep disorders,¬†major depressive disorder,¬†alcohol/substance¬†abuse,¬†diabetes mellitus,¬†hypothyroidism,¬†mononucleosis(mono),¬†lupus,¬†multiple sclerosis¬†(MS),¬†chronic hepatitis¬†and various¬†malignancies.”[23]¬†Medications can also cause side effects that mimic symptoms of CFS.[22]¬†Central sensitization, or increased sensitivity to sensory stimuli such as pain have been observed in CFS. Sensitivity to pain increases post-exertionally, which is opposite to the normal pattern.[24]

Cognitive behavioral therapy[edit]

In June 2017, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that speaking with a therapist may help.[95] A 2015 National Institutes of Health report concluded that while counseling and behavior therapies could produce benefits for some people, they may not yield improvement in quality of life, and because of this limitation such therapies should not be considered as a primary treatment, but rather should be used only as one component of a broader approach.[96] This same report stated that although counseling approaches have shown benefit in some measures of fatigue, function and overall improvement, these approaches have been inadequately studied in subgroups of the wider CFS patient population. Further concern was expressed that reporting of negative effects experienced by patients receiving counseling and behavior therapies had been poor.[92] A report by the Institute of Medicine published in 2015 states that it is unclear whether CBT helps to improve cognitive impairments experienced by patients.[2]:265

A 2008 Cochrane Review concluded that CBT did reduce the symptom of fatigue, but noted that the benefits of CBT may diminish after the therapy is completed, and that due to study limitations “the significance of these findings should be interpreted with caution”.[19]¬†A 2014 systematic review reported that there was only limited evidence that patients increased levels of physical activity after receiving CBT. The authors concluded that, as this finding is contrary to the cognitive behavioural model of CFS, patients receiving CBT were adapting to the illness rather than recovering from it.[97]

Patient organisations have long criticised the use of CBT as a treatment for CFS.[98]¬†In 2012 the¬†ME Association¬†(MEA) commenced an opinion survey of 493 patients who had received a CBT treatment in the UK. Based on the finding of this survey, in 2015 the MEA concluded that CBT in its current form should not be recommended as a primary intervention for people with CFS[99]¬†In a letter published online in the Lancet in 2016, Dr Charles Shepherd, medical advisor to the MEA, expressed the view that the contention between patients and researchers lay in “a flawed model of causation that takes no account of the heterogeneity of both clinical presentations and disease pathways that come under the umbrella diagnosis of ME/CFS”.[100]

Exercise therapy[edit]

In 2017, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended light exercises and stretching but not in the four hours before bed to help with sleep.[95] Stretching and movement therapies are also recommended for pain.[95] Previously, a 2014 National Institutes of Health report concluded that while Graded Exercise Therapy (GET) could produce benefits, it may not yield improvement in quality of life and that because of this limitation, GET should not be considered as a primary treatment, but instead be used only as one component of a broader approach. The report also noted that a focus on exercise programs had discouraged patient participation in other types of physical activity, due to concerns of precipitating increased symptoms.[96] A July 2016 addendum to this report recommended that the Oxford criteria not be used when studying ME/CFS. If studies based on the Oxford criteria were excluded, there would be insufficient evidence of the effectiveness of GET on any outcome.[101]

A 2017 Cochrane review stated that exercise therapy could contribute to alleviation of some symptoms of CFS, especially fatigue.[6] The Cochrane review also noted that research was inconclusive as to which, if any, type of exercise therapy was superior, and concluded that no evidence had been found suggesting that exercise therapy worsened outcomes.[6][102] A 2015 review article determined that serious adverse effects, or harms, from exercise therapy were poorly reported in most studies, and determined there was insufficient evidence for a conclusion.[5]

As with CBT, patient organisations have long criticised the use of exercise therapy, most notably GET, as a treatment for CFS.[98] In 2012 the MEA commenced an opinion survey of patients who had received GET. Based on the findings of this survey, in 2015 the MEA concluded that GET in its current delivered form should not be recommended as a primary intervention for persons with CFS.[99]

I was told by my¬†Endocrinologist that these¬†therapy’s have a 50/50 chance of helping me it’s a hit or miss situation so I’m not sure if these will work for me.

I will try later on today to do some dancing but the problem I have then is the next day I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus and can’t do anything that whole day is then a wright off.



This is the new No 1 song on our Aria Charts I love both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper and I love this song too(who knew Bradley could sing hey). I also know what it’s like to feel shallow it’s how I felt at the¬†beginning of this Hypothyroidism journey I felt like I was slowly drowning in my world I don’t feel like that anymore thank god I think I’m finally emerging out of the Shallow.

Here is the Trailer from the film:

I am hoping to see this film this week maybe it could be a reward for after seeing my Endocrinologist (Thyroid Specialist) on Wednesday this week. They both caught the film’s bright and breezy tone.

Why can I see either Lady Gaga or Bradley Cooper wearing this hat because they both are in the cools club ūüôā

Deep Ministry in a Shallow World: Not-So-Secret Findings about Youth Ministry (Youth Specialties (Paperback)) by [Clark, Chap, Powell, Kara]

Deep Ministry in a Shallow World will show you a new way to prayerfully reflect on the questions you face in your youth ministry every day so you can find the answers that will take it to deeper places. That‚Äôs because authors Chap Clark and Kara Powell have gathered significant research findings that will help shift your ministry paradigm.Did you know that:‚ÄĘ the typical strategies we use to build relationships with kids might actually cause them to trust unless because of what this generation has endured?

I think this book would be a interesting read I would give it to my stepson to read but he says reading is dumb so that is a bit shallow isn’t it.

My fave Lady Gaga Songs and Tv shows and Movies:

My fave Bradley Cooper Movies:



My Fave Shows On Netflix Atm

I’m am re-watching Strangers Things with my Ma and Stepdad as they have not seen this yet.

I love that this show so far has a Walking deader a Trueblooder and a Westworlder in the show.

I have always loved the musketeers movies and now the show too I am loving what the BBC are doing of late as we love Taboo too which is on SBS on demand.

I love Jessica Jones besides the fact it has a Aussie actress in it I would love to have her powers atm.

I am re-watching AHS while waiting for Cult to be put on Netflix I’m up to Hotel which is one of my fave seasons of the show I still can’t¬†believe this show was made by the same people as Glee so talented.

Slurp what a feast of shows lol.


eOne Insider Secret Screening Brisbane – RSVP Confirmation

I entered this competition last week I didn’t realise it was for Brisbane only otherwise I wouldn’t have entered it ūüė¶

CONGRATULATIONS¬†You have successfully RSVP’d for you and a guest to our eOne Insider Secret Screening.

Our exciting new movie will be revealed on Sunday 28th October at Palace Centro. Please arrive early for a 2:00pm sharp start.

What a shame I love going to the movies and this would of been fun I reckon never mind I hope whoever gets to go enjoys the movie.

! You have successfully RSVP’d for you and a guest to our eOne Insider Secret Screening.

Our exciting new movie will be revealed on Sunday 28th October at Palace Centro. Please arrive early for a 2:00pm sharp start.


While everyone in the nation is watching either their fave AFL or NRL team win or lose this weekend on their TVs or in the stadiums (I do like football but only for State of Origin Queensland side so I only follow Queensland players) instead I will be playing video games.

This is what I will be playing today:

I want to try and finish this before Red Dead¬†Redemption 2 comes out which we have Pre ordered and payed for we just have to pick it up when it is released ūüôā


Today I’m going to switch things up and try and attempt some dancing I will be happy if i can do 3 or more songs my goal is to go at least 20 mins which is a far cry from someone who used to dance for hours but it’s a start considering my fatigue I just feel like something inside me is changing I’m feeling excited and¬†determined to do more things in my life for the first time in 3 years I’m not sure how I will go as every time I try to do anything extra the next day I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus so I’m going to attempt something every second day and see if I can build things up from there it’s a start at the very least.

These are two of my fave songs to dance to:



What Makes You Laugh ?

What makes me laugh is funny movies when you are sick or really tired. When I was 21 and going through my major allergy to antibiotics which took me a year and half to get over I found that once I was feeling like I was on the mend and able to watch tv I got my Mum to rent me movies from the video shop (no Netflix back then lol)

The best funny movie for me by far was:

This movie was sooo funny I couldn’t stop laughing and I watched it over and over again till it had to go back to the video store. My Mum was sooo happy to hear me laugh as it had a been a while since I had been able to and a huge¬†relief that they weren’t going to have to bury me as once thought I had everyone soo worried about me and this movie was one for recovery.

Last night I had trouble sleeping due to the temp changes in the morning it’s still quite cool here in the early mornings and my damn period pain as well was bugging me so I got up took some pain killers and tried to go back to sleep as I have been doing that for the past few months but I just couldn’t so I grabbed a blanket and sat in my couch chair and put on Netflix I watched:

I have only ever since bits of this movie when it’s been on free to air TV it wasn’t as funny as Bruce Almighty and certainly not as funny as Big Momma’s house but it was still a good distraction from my tiredness and pain and good for a laugh too.

I think today will be a Netflix day we have had some rain on and off today just what is needed for a movie day ūüôā



This is the new No 1 song on the Aria charts by George Ezra who shot Dean Lewis off from his top spot after 12 weeks lol. I love this song and video it’s very creative and funny and I love being out in the hot sun too I just love summer and I’m sooo happy that it’s finally here for me to enjoy it.

Cover art

Rancher Blair Bishop of Two Forks, Texas, has too many enemies . . . and they are closing in on him. Macy Modock, whom Bishop sent to prison ten years ago, is out of the hoosegow. Modock is returning to Two Forks along with his sidekick, who is known to be a mean gunman. Also arrayed against Bishop is rival cowman Clarence Cass, who is running his animals on Bishop’s land. Complicating matters, Cass’s daughter, Jessie, and Bishop’s son, Allan, are in love. Macy Modock, determined to get even with the man who sent him to prison, schemes with Cass to ruin Bishop. The black-hearted pair lay claim to untitled lands Bishop uses to graze his cattle – a plan that leads to a deadly confrontation in which two men will die.

This is a Audio book which sounds like it would be a sweet listen.




This would be a sweet shotgun if I had the money and the licence to buy it.

My Bio Dad would love this post he used to shoot clay targets and even competed for our country one year up in Darwin I used to go hangout out at the Gun club as a kid with the other children who’s fathers were practicing shooting there clay targets I also remember playing games like stuck in the mud and red rover there. I’ve never held a gun or fired one but watching my Dad was so impressive and powerful and he saved me many times from snakes with his gun before they bought in our gun laws then he had to sell his gun and give up the sport ūüė¶


Image result for far cry 5 shotgun

The only Shotguns I get to use and play with is in video games such as Far Cry 5 which is what I did over the weekend this one above is my fave Shotgun.




My Personal Gaming History Part 3

This is the final part of my personal gaming history blog posts.

30’s and 40’s¬†

I was still playing PlayStation 2 for a few years after I met my man John until he introduced me to the world of Xbox and also the world of Lan (Local Area Network) The first Xbox we had we got it modded so we had all the Mame Arcade games on it.

These are my fave Xbox and Mame games that I played on that console:



The Lans were so much fun I felt so¬†privileged to be invited as I was the only girl there playing against all these guys I’m also proud to say I was always in the top 3 when playing against them to win.

These are the games we used to play:

I loved it because not only did we get to play against each other we also shared music and movies too and got to eat pizza for lunch I do miss those days.

Xbox 360

When we upgraded our Xbox to the Xbox 360 we also got the Kinect with it and Xbox games with gold so we had many games for that console too many to mention so I will cover my fave Kinect games instead.

My fave Kinect Games:

Since then we have upgraded to Xbox one and just recently to the Xbox one s.

Here are my fave games that I currently play on our new Xbox one s:

My poor PC needs to be upgraded so the games I currently play on there are old school ones.

Here is what I currently play on my PC:

Please not that Nintendo have taken there games off this site but you can now buy with your Viz points a PlayStation emulator so you can play 1000’s of PlayStation games on there as well as all the others if you like to play with a controller you can buy one for your PC as well to play these games.

If you can’t decide what to play you can go here:



Well I hope you all enjoyed my walk down memory lane. I’m off to have Lunch and then play some games who’s with me ūüôā