I want to do a post on Gambling it’s been a part of my life since I was little as my father was and still is a mad gambler he started at the age of 18 playing poker with his mates and then progressed to lotto, horse racing and when the Cairns Casino came he played every game possible blackjack, keno, and the pokies he would always tell you when he won and how much he won but never would tell you when he lost and how much he had lost it was good when he won a jackpot as he would spend it on us buying us things and taking us on holidays his biggest Jackpot he won was $140,000 on keno (I was 26 at the time) which he spent on painting the outside of his house, a new stereo system, appliances for the kitchen and a Triumph motorcycle (I’d wished he’d done what I asked him to do and that was to pay his house off but he didn’t unfortunately he is still paying it off) he is still trying to win the big one but on a tighter budget now he is retired and on a pension whenever I hear the song the gambler I think of my dad.

How crazy is that the song came out the year I was born my father had me in training for gambling at the age of five playing blackjack we started playing with bottle caps and then as the years went on and I got very good at the game we would play with 5 cent coins and then fake casino chips that he had collected over the years. When I turned 18 they built a Casino in my home town so that’s where I went for my 18th birthday I also had a birthday party with friends and family as well but I couldn’t wait to use my blackjack skills for real and I loved it I was hooked immediately I will say I have always been good at saving money and I did the same here I would only take my limit with me which was $50 and if I lost it then I would go home and if I won anything over $100 in a jackpot I would take it out and go home.

The most I ever won on blackjack was two lots of $500 in two weeks on the 7 system which was my fave to play as 7 is my lucky number the most I won on the pokies was $250 on the dolphin treasure machine I got all the treasure chests in a row triggering the free spins. The other thing I loved about going to the casino was spending time with my dad we would play and then have dinner afterwards it was a passion we both had and a way to communicate with each other.

When I met my man John when I was 26 things quickly changed with my gambling habit as he didn’t like gambling I did continue for a little while as my mother was now into playing the pokies as well but I eventually realized what gambling had done to my father and the family and how much of a hold it had on him and his life and what really could be lost and that is relationships (which is ultimately what happened over time) which to me is way more important than money (I would rather pay off a house than try and win a jackpot that may never happen).

I still do play but only for fun not for real money (the only way I would play for real again would be if I was in Las Vegas) My fave site to play on is https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwigzcam3pPUAhXFW7wKHSS5D2EQFggnMAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.vegasslotsonline.com%2Ffree%2F&usg=AFQjCNGT4XULG-QNkK_rsS6c6rktreBPYg&sig2=6Ve9n3CeK_9YtKaKWYHW-Q

I only play the demo versions for free and I only play every now and then for fun and my man doesn’t mind that as it only uses internet data and not real money I also sometimes play pokies, blackjack and poker online mostly on Facebook.

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That’s where I will leave it as I’m off to play for fun and remember please gamble responsively it’s not worth losing the people and things you love the most in your life oxox.



This is the new no 1 song here in Australia the remix which is the actual no 1 song features Justin Bieber I love the party vibe this song and video has it reminds of Lambada and any Zumba songs which I also love makes me want to go back in time to the clubs and dance up on the podiums again 🙂

Despacito means Slowly in Spanish.

I love that vinyl is back in a big way my fave vinyl record back in the 80’s was the ghost-busters movie soundtrack I was obsessed with that movie I had a t-shirt which I wore everywhere lol. What was your fave vinyl record from back in the day ?


I’m The One

This is the second song to knock Ed Sheeran off the No 1 position on the Aria charts it covers inclusion amongst Singers and Rappers and Dj’s lots of scantily clad women and expensive alcohol and of course gold out of all that I love the white horse in the video which reminds me of when I was little riding my cousins beautiful white horse 🙂

I’m the one that always gets invited to baby showers and birthdays if I had a first child this baby walker would be truly awesome but unfortunately this won’t be the case I am grateful though that I got to spoil my stepson from the age of six months I remember we bought him a red car for him to ride on just like what his daddy had at the time before we had to sell the red commodore due to having to pay child support.


Did you know you can look up where all the gold in Australia is on Google maps my man’s dream is to find some gold one day and I hope he does find some to prove to people he can find gold because if anyone can he is the one to find some.

Good Morning :)

It’s always a good morning when you go through your emails to find you have won another prize this time it’s a Awesomely Cool Dad Quest Mug:

10 Dad Quest Easter Mugs Up For Grabs!

Dad Quest is a video game here is the trailer for the game:

I love that this game is promoting Dad’s and how important they are in their children’s lives 🙂

The Mug came today with two Dad Quest pins as well bonus whoo hoo 🙂

May :)

This is what is happening for me and my family in May. Tomorrow is my Nephews birthday So Happy Birthday Ty I hope you have a Awesomely Cool day 🙂 Sunday the 14th of May is Mothers Day so I will be calling both my Ma and my Mother in law I have been entering a few Mothers Day Comps so my fingers and toes are crossed to win one of those. On the 30th of May is my Stepsons 14th Birthday I can’t believe that where has the time gone that means I have known him for 13 and a half years wow.

My Health Update : A few weeks ago I went to see my Endocrinologist up in Cairns for the weekend to get my latest blood test results and ultrasound results etc. My blood test results came back in the normal range however I did ask her why am I still fatigued and she said we will investigate that and she has given me a second thyroid medication to take as a booster if that fails I will be seeking to get a sleep test done. So now I have to take my 75 mcg tablets for 5 days just one tablet a day half hour before food and my new second tablets 7 days a week but I have to halve them so I take 10 mcg in the morning and 10 mcg in the evening on a empty stomach I have to order both medications in specially from the chemist as they don’t last in stock they go off apparently. I’m so glad John came with me to see my specialist so he can help me keep me on track with my medications. The ultrasound wasn’t clear I may have a cyst in one of my tubes on my left overy but the scan couldn’t see it properly so I have to get another ultrasound done (yuck) to see if they can see it this time more clearly but my thyroid specialist wasn’t worried about that I also have to get another blood test in the next few months but there is no rush to do the ultrasound or the blood test and I have to update my specialist how I’m going in a couple of weeks via email or I may be able to Skype her now I have the internet back on.  I am feeling slightly better then when I initially went to Cairns at the beginning of the year I’ve just got to get my energy levels back I hope 🙂


Sign Of The Times

Well done Harry Styles you knocked Ed Sheeran off his No 1 position on the aria charts that he held for 13 weeks. I know everyone is saying that this song sounds like the Beatles and I would have to agree it does to me this song also sounds like Oasis and David Bowie.

It’s been a interesting few weeks since we lost our internet and home phone connection due to the NBN (the national broadband network) or as I’m currently calling it the not bothered network as they are not bothered to fix there faults when connecting a new housing estate my man has spent around 20 personal hours ringing our old existing service provider(who we were with for 10 years), our new service provider(which we were supposed to be connected to the NBN with), the NBN Co(to try and find out when we will be connected to the NBN) and then he went to two stores of another telecommunications company both in Mackay and Cairns to find out what happened to our existing connection then to find out what was happening to our new nbn connection and then to now get a new copper line connected just so we can have adsl and a home phone so we can get the NBN when it eventually comes.

A few weeks after we lost our internet we found out that our region will be visited by Cyclone Debbie we had three days to prepare for her which when you have been through the likes of Winifred, Larry and Yasi just to name a few you know what to do to prepare and sort of what to expect having said that Cyclone Debbie was different to the others as she came during the day time so we could see the wind blowing the trees and the rain horizontal on to the windows of our house she also was a very slow moving cyclone she went for three days straight (usually they come at night time and come in very fast) so we were very tired because you couldn’t sleep from the sound of the wind and the rain pounding against the windows and just when you thought she was done she left a huge thunder storm with the loudest thunder I have ever heard along with lightning that lasted all the last night it was mad we also lost power for 4 days and mobile phone service as well which I was glad we had our mobile phone through a different service provider so we could communicate before and after the cyclone with our loved ones because we lost the service due to the cyclone otherwise we wouldn’t of had that from being cut off by the NBN.

This is a track map of Cyclone Debbie we were in Mackay when it hit weather is always worst south of the cyclone system.Image result for cyclone debbie 2017

This video is of my home town Mackay.

This is our marina in Mackay during cyclone Debbie

I’m up in Cairns today as I’m going to see my Endocrinologist this afternoon to find out what my latest blood test reveals and to see what I can do for my fatigue (when I was 18 I used to swim 50 laps in my pool everyday now at 38 I don’t even know if I could even sit in a pool without feeling tired sign of the times lol) we drove up yesterday as we were not going to pay $315 each both ways via our domestic airline service just for a weekend although it’s a very long drive 9.5 hours roughly if we hadn’t driven I wouldn’t of seen seven rainbows along the way one was a double one which were just beautiful to see and I’m hoping they bring me some luck this weekend nothing beats the real thing when it comes to rainbows but you can now buy rainbow projectors I would of loved this when I was little how cool 🙂

This school is just down the road from our house in Mackay what a sweet photo and love the rainbow.

Kids Mega Mart

I went to my friends house yesterday for a visit I had to take back her book and dvds she lent to me about exercise and nutrition to help me with my current health problems.

I spent the whole afternoon there we chatted about our fun times back in the day (when we used to go out clubbing, dancing and drinking which is cool because I looked after her son in daycare who is now 19 and we just got on like a house on fire and we have remained friends ever since even though we don’t see each other as much as we have liked to) and how cheeky we used to be then we started talking about what’s going on in our lives currently she started telling me how her online business is going and how she got it started and how it’s now progressing nicely she took me for a tour of her workshop it was so organised and well planned I was in awe of her and what she has achieved over the years as she is what I call a fantastic single mother one who has always worked hard and provided everything for her son and for herself she is so inspiring to me she is truly amazing and a real winner in my eyes.

I asked her if she would let me promote her website on my blog and she said sure no problem I wanted to do anything I could to help her as she has always been there for me when I’m in need so without further adieu here is her site and I’m sorry to say it’s only for Australian residents only but I wanted to showcase just what can be done if you put your mind to it and that you don’t have to do what others in society do by playing the victim card and succumb to the typical stereotypes given by your circumstances (which she confided in me she could have very easily done but she wanted more for her son and for herself and that’s very commendable). To all the fantastic single mothers out there doing everything possible for your children and for yourselves this post is for you, you deserve all the happiness and success in the world for all you have done 🙂



My Health Update

My Health Update: Thanks to my Stepdad for going to our doctor and requesting a referral for me to see a Endocrinologist(Thyroid Specialist) which I saw her yesterday and she was amazing/awesome/lovely/gentle/funny and human lol she asked me all the right questions and said I have Autoimmune Hypo Thyroiditis which is a chronic disease in which the body interprets the thyroid glands and its hormone products T3, T4 and TSH as threats, therefore producing special antibodies that target the thyroid’s cells, thereby destroying it.
It may present with hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism and with or without a goiter. Thank God I don’t have a goiter as she checked my neck and she made me swallow to check she was very thorough with me she checked my pulse which was good my blood pressure which was good my weight which wasn’t that good I’ve put on a couple of kilos even though I have cut out wheat and dairy from my eating plan but because of my fatigue I’m having trouble exercising she even checked my height. This morning I went and got yet another blood test as requested by my Endo this time I got a reverse T3 a complete blood test which includes vitamin D test as well. I’m going for a ultra sound on my pelvis on Thursday and I’m getting new different Thyroid medication which is being upped from 50mgs to 75mgs and this medication doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge whoo hoo because it has no lactose in it which could be why the ones I’ve been on aren’t making feel better as I’m allergic to dairy. Oh she also said that my sores on all over my skin everywhere on my body are just itchy bites because I’m a allergic person and then she showed me hers and they looked exactly the same lol. So I finally have some concrete answers and hopefully I’m on the long road to helpful treatment. Eating plan update: I’m doing well with my new no wheat and no dairy eating plan my stepdad bought me yesterday no wheat no gluten no nut Cocoa Puffs which I had this morning with almond milk and I also had a coffee with rice milk once you work out what works with what it’s not too bad.

Image result for thyroid pictures niceImage result for thyroid pictures nice

Image result for thyroid pictures nice

Image result for thyroid pictures nice


Image result for thyroid pictures nice

Image result for thyroid pictures nice

Image result for thyroid pictures nice

Image result for thyroid pictures nice

Image result for thyroid pictures nice

Image result for thyroid pictures nice

Image result for thyroid pictures nice

Image result for thyroid pictures nice

Image result for thyroid pictures nice


Image result for thyroid pictures nice

Image result for thyroid pictures nice

Image result for thyroid pictures nice

Image result for thyroid pictures nice

Image result for thyroid pictures nice

Image result for thyroid pictures nice


Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Day Images

To all my fellow bloggers out there I hope you all have a fantastic valentine’s day today with your loved ones and if your single I hope you can go out and at least try to find love if you love yourself then someone out there will love you too. I know valentine’s day is a commercialised day so that people spend money on their loved ones everyday should be valentine’s day tell the people in your life everyday that you love them because you never know what’s around the corner cherish everyday as if it’s your last.

This is the message I sent to my man John via text this morning as he is home in Mackay and I’m at my Ma and Pa’s in Cairns still seeking help and trying to find answers for my health here is the text message: Good morning my love happy valentine’s day Roses are red violets are blue I love and miss the shape of you followed by kiss emoji’s heart emoji’s sad faces emoji’s roses emoji’s a spanner emoji and a heart and diamond emoji.

My Health Update: Over the last few weeks I have seen doctor, Psychologist, Naturopath 1, Chiropractor, Naturopath 2 which was today I got a food allergy test done I am definitely allergic to Cow’s milk but am staying off wheat as recommended by my new naturo I also will be getting a heavy metal toxicity test done to rule out any other toxins in my body and I will get further tests done by my new naturo and get a plan so I can go home to my man and my cats which I am missing very much. Today I went back to my Chiro who was pleased with my progress she did some more work on me and gave me a new relaxation exercise to do everyday for 5 to 10mins.

Here is one to dance to and just because I love OutKast.

This one is making me miss my cats my fur babies 😦