November 2020

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This is what’s happened so far and coming up in November this year 🙂

There is one Birthday in November and that is my Stepdads bday I hope he has a Phenomenal Bday on the day 🙂

On the weekend of the 1st I started to experience some good changes in me with my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I felt happy elated like a weight had lifted from my body I noticed that my weird spatial awareness when close to others was better I used to feel dizzy and a little sick if I went in for a hug or a kiss sometimes but on the weekend I could do those things without being affected. I also noticed that my sensitivity to loud sounds wasn’t as bad and not annoying me as much as usual. On Monday I attempted to do a dance to a whole song and I did it without the usual draining of energy after and I used to get this weird racing palpitations in my chest after any physical activity I would do after a dance it wasn’t there I was breathing and operating freely it felt soo good the next day I was a little tired plus I didn’t sleep well but today I still feel pretty damn good for the first time in four years 🙂 I still have a infliction to bright light though John flashed a light at me by accident this morning and that is still a bit of a problem so I am not 100% but I think I am on the mend that is for sure 🙂

As for John he is putting in for new jobs all the time in the hopes he gets one back up north so we can all be closer to family and friends 🙂

A few weeks ago I called into my friend and one of my artists on Twitch MrFluffyNL he was doing a 12 hour stream for his 2 year affiliate anniversary I donated 17 bucks to his medical bills donation as he suffers from eds (Ehlers-Danlos syndromes) he ran a few competitions I won two of them here is what I won from him on the day:

Two steam games 🙂

and I won this as well:

I am getting the T-shirt not Older Jonas from Dark lol I wish lol

I hope you all have a Phenomenal rest of your November 🙂


Positions is the new Ariana Grande song and the No 1 Position on the Aria charts here in Aus. I love this song and all of her costume changes in this video the most phenomenal outfit is at the end of the video where she looks like Jackie O walking five dogs through the snow and she is tripping over them after walking past two hot soldiers. In a interview Ariana said: and sonically it’s one of my favourite things we’ve ever done.”

October 2020

Hello october. autumn nature background. garland of yellow maple leaves in park. beautiful autumnal landscape, golden fall season.

This is what has gone on so far this month:

There has been a few birthdays this month. On the 10th was my besties husbands and my sister in laws bdays and on the 16/17 it was one of my mods on Twitch Strangecraft’s Bday and then on the 17 one of my besties Bday. I hope you all had a Marvelous birthday 🙂

So for me this month it has been soo full of joy that my heart is soo full. I have been streaming every Friday as that is my fave day of the week and I have been having a Marvelous time with old and new friends. One of my mods/friends is having a baby and two of my Twitch friends got engaged I am soo happy for all of them I am also there for any sad news my friends share it’s just hard as I want to hug them and I can’t but at least I am there if they need me no matter what the news.

I got to hang out and play a new game with my friends for Strange’s Bday the other day it was soo much fun the game is called Among Us here is the clip of me litterly killing it in the game (or should I say killing my friends lol):

As for John he is back at work after 3 months off on holidays he got nominated for a CUBIE Award so he is very happy atm with his achievements 🙂

I am soo blessed to have sooo many Marvelous peeps in my life I love hanging out and playing games with them and just chatting with them when I can 🙂


This is the new No 1 song here in Aus on the Aria Charts Mood by 24kGoldn I think it’s a Marvelous song and puts me in a lets go for a drive and listen to the radio mood 🙂 I love the end of the song when he is banging his head on the steering wheel of the car lol.

For me listening to music helps with my stress relief and put’s me in a good mood instantly and also helps me sleep at night. Learning to manage stress makes for more satisfying and productive days.

Remember these:

I used to love wearing mood rings I would put mine in the freezer to change the colour before I would put it on 🙂


This is the new No 1 here on the Aria charts Wap (wet ass pussy) by Cardi B feat Megan Thee Stallion. I love this song I think it’s wonderful I love the video especially at the end when the girls are checking out the rooms in the house and the girl does the splits and they are like we outta here that is too much for us lol. All I know is if I were 20 years younger I would be sourcing out Cardi B’s all pink outfit and going to the clubs to dance in the podium as I miss that soo much.

I also found this chat:

August 2020

August | Hello august, August images, Hello august images

This is what is happening this month of August.

First of all it’s my nieces birhday on the 12th so Happy Birthday to Sarah I hope you have a Champion day oxox 🙂

John bought me a Amazon Echo Dot I love her my fave things so far to do is to say good morning and good night as Alexa gives you something different everytime she will also tell you what time it is and the weather if you ask her and I love putting music on while I do the dishes and brush my teeth and hair it makes doing those everyday things so much more enjoyable I also love that she can settle arguments like who directed a movie lol and you can play games like music quiz and Skyrim as well plus so much more 🙂

I was surprised and very excited to find out yesterday that I have been given a game key from SOEDESCO video game publisher and video game developer via keymailer. The game is called Dog Duty and kinda reminds me of a game my brother used to play back in the day Commando so for me it’s going to be a bit nostalgic. I will be playing it on my channel on Twitch tomorrow arvo after lunch for a few hours for the first time 🙂

Here is my channel info if you are interested in joining me in the mayhem and fun of Dog Duty:

Also here is the info on SOEDESCO: They are champions for giving me this opportunity to play one of their games 🙂

and the game trailer to get us all excited:

As for John he is still on holidays he came home for a few days to check up on me and the cats and his garden and this morning has gone back up to see his family just in case things get more locked down in the future.

I hope you all have a Champion August 🙂


This is the new No 1 here in Aus on our Aria charts Cardigan by Taylor Swift I love this song and the video I love the end of the video when she puts this beautiful cardigan on like it’s a old friend and how she achknoweldges practicing through sanitisation and respecting social distancing during the video shoot. I think that is Well deserved x

I also highly recommend watching her concert Reputation on Netflix 🙂

4 Year Flash Back

July 2020

July comic style font

This is what has happened so far this month of July:

There has been two Birthdays thus far my Niece Dana and my Twitch friend NatoPotato’s So Happy Birthday again to both of you I hope you had Sparkling Birthdays 🙂

As for me it’s been bitterly cold and raining so I have mostly been watching movies and shows on either Amazon Prime, Netflix, Binge or Sbs on demand and also watching alot of Youtube music videos as John is not fond of my music lol.

On Sundays in my Discord channel we are watching movies and shows and youtube with my Twitch friends here is what we have watched so far:

This band above features NatoPotato on the guitar 🙂

As for John he is away again this time visiting his family if we didn’t have the cats to look after I would of gone with him but someone has to look after them.

I hope the rest of July is a Sparkling one for everyone 🙂

Savage Love

This is the new No 1 song on the Aria charts this week Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat) by Jason Derulo. He has gone on to upload a number of clips of him and his friends doing the TikTok viral dance to it and fans are definitely getting on board! I think it’s a sparkling song 🙂 and I like his jumper that he wears in this video as well 🙂

For me if someone was with me just so they could get back with thier ex I would just want them to break up with me as I would not stay with someone if I wanted to get back with a ex. I have been savage in love as I found out a crush of mine was coming back to our highschool graduation with his girlfriend from my school so I dumped the guy I had been seeing for 3 months just in case I got with my crush at graduation I unfortunetly didn’t but I did get to dance with my crush and his best friend at our grad which is still a highlight memory for me and we are still friends on fb which is cool too.